Sunday, 31 July 2016

Weekly Summary #58

(Weekly Summary 25/07- 31/07)
  Monday- I woke up at six this morning and I could of definitely of stayed in bed as I had been awake most of the night with heartburn so I was quite tired but I got ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was okay today and I got quite a lot done but I just wasn't motivated to get anything fully done as I just wanted to go home but the day went quick aswell which was good. After work I was going to clean my car but my mum hadn't had the best of days so I decided to leave it and make ourselves a cup of tea whilst I went on my laptop for a bit and did my lunch for work. I then took Luke to his mums before I got changed into some comfy clothes and had my tea. I went on my laptop for most of the evening trying to get everything sorted. Once Luke was home I made his tea before we watched TV for the rest of the evening which it was nice to relax.

  Tuesday- I woke up at six and I was wide awake when I got up so I got ready whilst watching some YouTube videos and I was in a good mood for some reason. Work was okay today and I got a lot done again which was good it wasn't as warm today so it felt nice to have a bit of a breeze. After work when I got home I had a quick shower whilst my mum and dad took our dog to the vets. I had my tea before I dried and straightened my hair. I watched some YouTube videos and sorted my Avon order forms out ready for the next couple of days when I need to get my order in by. Once Luke was in he ate his tea before we got into bed to watch some YouTube videos and TV until we were both tired.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six this morning but decided to have a small lie in before I got up and quickly did my make-up and hair but definitely regretted it as I was so tired. I watched a few YouTube videos whilst I was getting ready but I don't think I was actually awake when I was watching them. Work was okay again and I was super busy today so the day kind of flew but it also dragged. It was my little brother's last day at primary school today which is so scary but exciting too. Once I was home I had some phone calls to make before I had my tea and got changed. I did my lunch before I got my laptop out and did some work on there. I then got my book and read in the garden with some music for a while until Luke got in. Once he was home he ate his tea and I made myself a cup of tea before we went upstairs to watch our normal YouTube vlogs and we decided to just lay in bed talking for the rest of the night.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six this morning as my mum was taking me and Luke to work as we were off into town after work and I'm still not hundred percent at driving into town yet so she said she would take us which was nice of her. I got ready watching YouTube videos and I got ready in plenty of time which was nice. Work was okay today and it was my early so we finished early and headed into town. Once we got back Luke headed out and I got a quick shower before I ate my tea. I then ordered all my Avon orders which took me a while as I had to do it a little different this time round but I will probably enjoy it once I've got organised with it all. Once Luke was home we made ourselves something to eat before we headed upstairs and Luke sorted my watch out as my new watch needed the links taking out and it fits me perfect now. I ended up falling asleep after that so I know Luke moved all my things and got me comfortable which was nice of him.

  Friday- I woke up at six this morning and started getting ready which I was super quick today which was nice as I got to sit and watch YouTube videos again. It was none uniform at work and I always feel more comfortable and stuff when I'm in my own clothes. Work was okay today as it was one of the girls birthdays in the office so we were eating cake all day which was nice. I got most of my work done which was good too and it's early finish on a Friday so it's great on a Friday. Once we got home me and Luke headed to Tesco with my mum to pay all the bills and I needed to pick up some essentials which I always enjoy buying for some reason. I took Luke to his mums and came back to have my tea and then I got changed and changed my bag and cleansed my face. I did some blog posts and I decided to watch some planner videos as I'm wanting to get more organised with my new planner and I want to decorate it. I picked Luke up from his mums and we ordered a takeaway and ate it whilst we watched a film which was nice. Once we were both tired we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at nine this morning and definitely enjoyed the lie in this morning but I decided to make my breakfast and lay in bed and eat it there which is why I love Saturday mornings. I read my book and watched some YouTube videos in bed until Luke woke up. Once he had woke up we laid in bed for a while just relaxing before we got up and I washed my hair before I started doing my make-up and getting ready. Luke also started getting ready whilst we listened to music. So we headed to the shop for the bank and I picked something up to eat before we headed to Luke's mums for a little bit before I drove us to Luke's hairdressers as he wanted his hair cutting but we were in there around an hour so I just caught up on social media. We headed back to Luke's mums as I was parking there and we were heading into town as we wanted to pick some stuff up which it ended up being a successful shopping trip which was good. We headed back to Luke's mums for the evening and then I drove us home where we had a takeaway and I crashed as I was so tired.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine as I really needed the loo so I was awake once I got back into bed so I watched some YouTube videos before I cuddled Luke for a while. I got up and made my breakfast before I started with the day so I cleaned the bedroom whilst burning my new candle melt. I did some blog photo's before I sat with Luke for a bit. I then cleaned my make-up brushes before I got changed to take Luke to his mums. I got back and decided to clean my car with my little brother and we ended up cleaning my mums too. I got a quick shower before I ate my dinner. I then made my lunch for work before painting my nails and changing my bag. I decided to do my blog stuff for most of the afternoon before I picked Luke up. Once we were back I decided to start sorting my new planner out so I could get a bit more organised ready for the week ahead. The rest of the evening we just laid catching up on YouTube videos and TV until we both decided to try and get to sleep.
How was your week?

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