Friday, 26 August 2016

August Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing what I've been loving in the month of August.
  So in the month of August a lot of things have happened for me so I have to say this month has been a little strange for me but I have loved this month. So the beginning of August I started to look for some new jobs as I just decided I wanted to take the risk and begin something new. I got a new job in August and also started my new job towards the end of the month and I've loved it so much so far but it's only the beginning but I'm really hoping I do love it once I get into it. I have to say this month I haven't really picked anything new up as I've tried to save my money but I will be picking new stuff up soon I think which is exciting but lets get into what I've been loving.
  So the first two things I've loved this month is the Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Hand Cream and I mainly picked this up as I needed a new hand cream but it definitely has made my hands a lot more smoother and it smells divine so I definitely do recommend this and I apply it on a daily basis and I'm just loving using this. I then decided to try the E45 Cream as a moisturiser on a night time as I've seen so many people recommend this so I decided to try this as I'm really wanting to get more into skincare and I've loved how moisturised my skin has been since I've started using this on a night time before I've been going to sleep it just makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised.
  The next two products I've loved this month is the BD Mattifying Base in Ivory so I picked this foundation up in Tesco a while ago and I've loved it but I never really pick it up but I wanted a foundation I knew would last all day and what shade suits me with me working longer hours and this has definitely done the job it lasts all day, Looks flawless and matches me perfectly I love it. The next product I've loved is the Maybelline Anti Age Concealer which I picked this up as I had heard such good things about this and I love this so much my under eyes look so much more brighter and awake when I use this and I just highly recommend this concealer now when someone asks me for a good concealer I'm so happy I actually picked this up.
  The next two products I've loved this month is the Sleek Contour Kit in Light which has always been a product I go back to but I've just loved using all the products in this palette and I feel they all work so well together and they last all day which is what I've been looking at this month. The next product I've loved is the Collection Bronze Glow which I picked this up as I was looking for a shimmer bronzer as I like to add a bit of bronze to my face with me been a little pale and to be honest this is such a good inexpensive bronzer which I've loved using this month.
  This month I decided to stick to just two blushes as I wanted to just keep it simple so I've been switching between the Sleek blush in the contour kit and The Balm Hot Mama which I've always loved this blush as it's just such a simple shade which looks so natural when I apply it to my skin and I just think it's the perfect shade for a daily every day blush and this does the job perfectly.
  So this month I stuck to just two lip products which I've loved so much and I have to say these will be in another post of mine but I will do a little summary of these and why I've loved them. So the first product is Avon Extra Lasting Gloss in Neverending Nude which I don't really use gloss normally as I just don't think it suits me but I love using this on my lips and the shade is so perfect. The next product is Avon Plumping Lipstick in Twig which I love this mainly for the shade as it's a perfect shade for everyday and I have to say it doesn't do much plumping but I just love the lipstick itself and it goes so well with the gloss so all in all these two are the perfect duo for an everyday look.
  Let Me Love You by DJ Snake- I just love this song and I found it on Spotify which you all know I love but this song is just one of those I enjoy listening to the moment and Justin Bieber is on it so all works for me and this song has definitely been on repeat this month.
  Who Do You Think Of? by M.O.- Again I found this song on Spotify but once I heard it I just had it on repeat and I have to say it's one of those songs which sticks into my head once I've listened to it.
  Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott- This song played every morning for my first week at my job and every day me and my mum just ended up singing it but it's such a beautiful song and his voice is incredible so I've just loved listening to this song.
  I Love You. by The Neighbourhood- So this month I decided to go back to my old favourite songs which I always love doing once in a while and I just fell back in love with this album so this has also been on repeat this month and I've loved every second of it.
  I haven't really had time to catch up on Netflix or reading so I haven't read any books or watched any series this month which is a shame but it'll all fall back into place once I have a routine again.
What's been your favourites this month?

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