Monday, 1 August 2016

Busy Bee!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and well what normally happens? I have a little rant to myself and you all get to see what I'm thinking. I have to say my blog has always been an outlet for me to just talk about anything and everything I love so I always enjoy a Monday evening blog post. 
    So for the past two weeks I'd say it's been a blur as I've been just been so busy with work, private stuff, Avon and other commitments I have and I just feel like I haven't had time to breathe. I'm lucky if I have time to make myself a cup of tea on an evening which may sound dramatic but I'm been serious and I just don't know where I can reduce what I'm doing to slow down but then I'm a person who likes to be on the go with a to-do list longer than my arm. This week I have a few days off work thank god as my mum has her operation so I can finally have a few days to myself but if I'm honest I have no idea when I'll be able to get back up to date with everything but I'm hoping it's soon as I'm so stressed at the moment but I'm just trying to get everything in check. 
  Don't get me wrong I'm loving every minute of what I'm doing apart from one thing which is more of a major thing in my life as it's something I do on a daily basis so I'm trying to change that in small steps but I'll slowly get there. It's such a big change I'm scared and excited so hopefully it'll all set off into action soon and I honestly can't wait. I'm also planning to re-decorate my bedroom so it's a bit less girly for Luke to also call his own space so I'm excited to start picking stuff up for it as that's one thing I definitely love like picking all the new bedding, wallpaper and paint. 
I hope you have a lovely week!

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