Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Did I Mention I Need You- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be doing a book review for a book I just recently finished. 
    So I recently finished Did I mention I need you? By Estelle Maskame which I have to say these books are so big it takes me a while to actually get into and finish the book I really did enjoy this book again. This is the second book in the DIMILY series and there is now a third book been released which I will definitely pick up and give it a read. This book was mainly based around two characters which were Eden and Tyler and it had all the other characters as the 'Back' characters as I call them as they add to the story but it's not just about them. This story was set in New York as Eden was heading there for six weeks in the summer and she was meeting Tyler there as he's been living there for the last year as he was doing a program over there (I can't explain more as it may ruin the first book) but the story starts where Eden is getting ready to go to New York and I was so excited to start this book. So I will say I really did enjoy this book but I just thought the story was dragged out and some of the story wasn't really needed. The story was based around Tyler and Eden's relationship since they were away together without all their friends from Santa Monica. Tyler was showing Eden all the sights which was nice to read if you are wanting to go to New York as it's just nice to imagine it all. Throughout the book I was mainly annoyed at how Eden reacted to certain things and how they just wouldn't figure out if they both wanted it to work or not it was just frustrating. Towards the middle of the book I was finally into the story as drama happened and it just kept me hooked from then on which was nice to actually finally get into the book which I had been waiting so long to read. I have to say the ending of this book destroyed me a lot more than I was expecting so I literally cannot wait to read book three to find out what actually happens I need to know what happens. I really would recommend you to pick this series up if you enjoy contemporary books as it's the perfect summer read.
Have you read the DIMILY series?

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