Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Favourite Apps

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would do a different kind of post and share with you the apps I've been loving recently.
  At the moment I'm still using my Iphone 5S in gold as I can't upgrade until September which isn't too far away and I haven't decided which phone I want to upgrade to but I thought I would share the apps I've been using a lot recently as I seem to be using my phone a lot more with certain apps which make my blogging life and other stuff much easier which makes it so much easier to get myself organised. 
  Google Calendar- I do have a physical diary which I use to keep organised but I also add everything into my Google calendar as if there's certain days where I can't take my diary with me as my bag is too heavy or I'm travelling far then I will just keep myself updated with my calendar plus the Google calendar is such a good app to use and I definitely recommend.
  Spotify- So most people use Spotify now but this is the app I use daily for my music and I love the spotify playlists for days when I'm not sure what I want to listen to but I know what mood I'm in I can always find a playlist which suits my mood perfectly.
  Daily Horoscope- I do go on this daily to read my horoscope and I'm not one of those people who thinks it's all true and stuff like that but I do like to just read it daily and see what it actually says.
  YouTube- I love watching YouTube so I keep it on my phone so I can watch my subscriptions when I'm passing time or when I'm just getting comfortable in my bed as it's much easier to watch it on a smaller screen so I just keep this on my phone so I can get to YouTube easier when I want to watch some videos.
  Hootsuite- This app is my saviour as I use this to schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts throughout the week and it's such an easy app to use to get everything sorted as I use this app on a Sunday night for the week ahead and it just makes me feel at ease when I know everything is sorted.
  Whatsapp- This is a messaging app which I use to keep up to date with my Avon ladies who are in my team and I also keep up to date with my leader for Avon but it's just great to have an app which I can use to speak to people on and the group chats are such a savour. 
Castaway- So recently I saw a post on social media saying Animal Crossing was coming to Iphones which I got so excited for so I did some research and this app came up as a recommended one so I decided to download it and it is exactly like Animal Crossing! I wont say it's identical but it's probably the closest to the real thing so if you love Animal Crossing then definitely download it. 
What's your favourite apps at the moment?


  1. I LOVE spotify for music! It let's me hear so many new artists! I also love the Pinterest app for mindless scrolling and Bloglovin (OF COURSE). A very interesting post! Lydia Eve | xx

    1. I adore Spotify! Especially the new music playlist on a Friday! I'm glad you liked it! :)
      Meg xo