Wednesday, 31 August 2016

My New Planner

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would share with you my new planner or diary which I've decided to start using.
  So I decided I wanted to start planning everyday so I can make sure I'm on top of everything and I saw this planner from Paperchase which I picked up and it was so inexpensive so I knew I wouldn't definitely get my wear out of it. I didn't take a picture of the front of the planner but it's just a multi coloured spot one which isn't what I would go for but I really do like this planner. I have Filofax inserts in it as I just prefer these for my planners as I think they are very basic and simple which is what I like for my planners. I got my divider inserts from Ebay and I just think they work really well with the planner. So I've just been enjoying sitting down on a Sunday evening and planning out the week ahead I just find it so relaxing as I'm quite a stress head so I love to be organised and have everything planned out so I'm definitely loving my Sunday evening now. I do try to carry this around with me on a daily basis but if I know my bag may be quite heavy I do just keep it at home and I keep everything on my Google calendar on my phone for when I can't carry my diary around which is always a life saver too as I still feel organised as I know my schedule is on my phone.
  I am looking for a new planner though as I feel I just want to get one ready to exchange when this one gets a little dirty so I'm on the look out for a new planner in the size Personal as that sizes suits me best if I'm honest.
Do you recommend any planners?


  1. Aw this is so pretty! I don't know what i'd do without my diary, it has my entire life in it x

  2. Thankyou! :) I agree I've recently got into keeping everything in there and carrying it everywhere with me which is good!
    Meg xo