Sunday, 7 August 2016

Weekly Summary #59

(Weekly Summary 01/08-07/08)

  Monday- I had such a weird nights sleep with so many weird dreams and I was up most of the night with Luke as he was suffering with Acid so we were laid together for a while before we actually fell back asleep but I jumped up when I had to start getting ready. I got ready watching YouTube videos and headed to work. I have to say today I was so busy doing filing and paperwork that it literally flew by but I have so much to do tomorrow but it's my last day for the week tomorrow so I can't wait. Once I got home I had some phone calls I needed to do so I did those before I went to Halford's as I needed a new brake light. Once I got back I took my make-up off and got changed before I sat on my laptop for the rest of the night which was needed as I had so much to catch up on. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before I watched Brief Encounters and we then headed upstairs and watched some YouTube videos and got cosy for the rest of the night.

  Tuesday- I woke up at six but it was my last day at work for a few days so I was in a good mood and got ready watching some YouTube videos. Work went so quick again as I was catching up on all my work ready for when I had my few days off so it flew which was really good. After work when I got home I did Luke's lunch for work before I got a nice shower and decided to change my bag and get my clothes out ready for tomorrow so I did all that and decided to go down and read my book for a while until I went to pick Luke up which the drive was so nice as the roads were empty so I took a slow drive down. Once I picked Luke up we just had something to eat and went up to bed for the rest of the night.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six and woke Luke up ready for work and I started getting myself ready as today was the day my mum was having her operation so I made sure I was ready in plenty of time to make my bed and stuff as I knew I would be out most of the night. Once we got to the hospital we were sat in the waiting room for quite a while before my mum went down for her operation so me and my dad walked around town and looked in a few shops before having some breakfast in one of the local pubs before heading back to the hospital which my mum was done and was laid in the bed so we sat with her for most of the afternoon and I read quite a lot of my book. My mum had been laid for hours so the nurse got her up to go to the toilet and it started bleeding quite bad so they sorted that out then she had to lay down for quite a while again. Once she was okay to move I took her to the toilet and helped her clean up. My mum was allowed to go home at half 5 so we got home and we ended up sorting all my Avon orders out and bagging them all up whilst my mum laid on the sofa. Once Luke was home I helped him make something for his tea before we headed to bed and I was shattered so I fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six as I had to wake Luke up for work but I had slept in a little so I woke him up but he ended up not going as he has hurt his foot so we stayed in bed for a while before we got up and had some breakfast. We stayed down most of the morning as I was helping my mum around before I got dressed and headed out to hand my Avon orders out which I then took my nan to get some shopping so we all had enough stuff in. Once we got back I helped my mum take her dressing off before I ran myself a bath as I needed to make sure I had done everything ready for tomorrow. I then sorted my clothes out also for tomorrow before I dried my hair and headed downstairs. I decided to do some stuff on my laptop as I hadn't been on for a while which was strange and I knew I needed to get up to date. I picked Luke up later on and took another Avon order out before we got back and I painted my nails before I had something to eat. We decided to catch up on YouTube videos this evening which was lovely as I was starting with my cramps which wasn't great so it was nice to just relax.

  Friday- I woke up at six as I had to start getting ready so I took my time and watched some YouTube videos. I headed out in the car with my uncle as I had something I needed to go to this morning so I headed there. Once we got back I had my breakfast and got changed before I received a phone call which was good news and I was so happy. I made our bed with new sheets before I got changed and headed to Tesco with Luke and my uncle as we were dropping him off at Tesco. Me and Luke picked up some bits we needed and I got myself a few new clothes and I also picked some stuff up for my mum. I dropped Luke off at his mums before driving home and getting into some comfy clothes. I had something to eat and a cup of tea before heading upstairs to clean the room. I got my laptop as I needed to catch up on a few things from this week and watch some YouTube videos. Once Luke wanted picking up I went and picked him up and once we got back we mainly just relaxed for most of the evening and I cuddled a hot water bottle which was lovely.

  Saturday- I woke up half eight this morning as Luke woke me up to see what time it is so once I was awake there was no way I was falling back asleep but I decided to just lay in bed for a while. Once I was up I decided to feed Rocky as he seemed as though he was ready for feeding then I decided to make my breakfast and a cup of tea and take it upstairs to eat in bed whilst Luke was getting ready as he was getting his tattoo finished today. I decided to get changed into some comfy clothes once I had eaten and we headed downstairs to check on my mum and she's getting much better now. We sat down there for a while before Luke headed for the bus into town. I decided to wash my hair before I did my mums for her and I gave our dog a bath.I dried my hair before I changed my bag and headed downstairs to catch up on some blog stuff. Luke didn't end up getting his tattoo done as something changed once he got there so headed home and we chilled out for most of the afternoon. Once he headed to his mums I finished some blog stuff and watched some YouTube videos. I was just having a lazy day as it was that time of the month so I just wanted to relax. Once Luke was home later on in the night we just laid in bed watching Netflix and cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at four this morning to Luke been sick which he did say he didn't feel well so I made sure he was okay until we both fell asleep again. I woke up at half nine and decided I needed to get up and take some tablets so I made myself a cup of tea and went back upstairs to watch some YouTube videos. I did my ironing and made lunch for work before I decided to clean the house for my mum with her still being a little sore so I cleaned the house for her whilst Luke was still asleep. Once he was awake we watched some YouTube videos together until he started getting ready. Once Luke headed out I cleaned our room and washed my make-up brushes before I had a shower. I dried my hair and changed my bag ready for work before I got my laptop and got everything done for the week ahead. I had to turn my car around ready for the morning which didn't take me long at all. I watched some more Suits before I caught up on YouTube with a cup of coffee. Once Luke was home he had something to eat before we got cosy in bed for the rest of the evening.
How was your week?

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