Sunday, 14 August 2016

Weekly Summary #60

(Weekly Summary 08/08-14/08)

  Monday- I woke up around six this morning and had such bad nerves as today was the day I handed my notice into work. I got ready watching some YouTube videos before I got Luke up ready for work. I handed my notice in around half eight this morning and felt such a relief once I had done it. I'm just going to get all my work up to date ready for the end of the week.  After work I dropped Luke off at his mums and drove home. I work out the Avon money as it needs paying tomorrow which my mum is going to take tomorrow. I went and got changed into some comfy clothes and cleansed my face before I had my tea. I helped my mum clean the kitchen up before I did some stuff on my laptop and got my diary up to date for this week. I watched Suits before Luke came home. I made him something to eat before we got into bed for the rest of the night.

  Tuesday- I woke up around twenty past six so I was a little later this morning so I jumped up and quickly got ready but I did something a little different with my hair today and I really liked it. So work was okay today I feel a lot more at ease now that everyone knows I'm leaving so today I just got my work up to date which I'll be doing all this week really. Once I got home I dropped Luke at his mums and came back to get a shower and have my tea. I didn't end up doing much today but I decided to sort under my bed out as my bed is the one where the mattress lifts up for storage so I sorted all under there out before I picked Luke up again and the weather was horrendous. Once we got home Luke had something to eat before we watched some YouTube videos then we got into bed and laid talking until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up around half six today I'm getting later everyday but I was ready quite quick today so it was fine but I was so tired this morning. I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready before we headed to work and it was raining which I enjoy driving in the rain. Work was okay today its kind of sinking in I'm leaving which is a little sad but I'm more nervous and excited for the future now. After work when I got home I did my lunch for work before taking Luke to his mums because of the weather. Once I got back which the traffic was horrible on the way back home I had my tea before I got changed and took my make-up off. I did some blog stuff before I watched some YouTube videos. When I was picking Luke up I listened to the training video I wanted to watch and ended up watching the rest of it when I got back and made notes. Once we got back Luke had his tea and watched some YouTube videos whilst I watched my video. We both then decided to cuddle in bed and watch TV for the rest of the night before we fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up around six today which was good so I sat and did my make-up whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was okay today it was my second to last day at work so I was just getting all my work up to date ready for tomorrow which I did with no hassle which was good. I drove home but had a little mistake so I was panicking and my legs were like jelly driving home but once I got home Luke's new cabinet had come so he went and picked that up and decided to build it so I got a nice shower and dried my hair before I helped Luke clean it up in the bedroom. I ate my tea before I dropped Luke off at his mums. I got back and tidied the bedroom up as it needed cleaning properly so once I had done that I got all my blog stuff and everything up to date before I watched some YouTube videos. I waited for my mum and dad to get back from shopping before I picked Luke up. Once we were both back Luke had his tea before we both headed up to bed and got cosy for the rest of the night.

  Friday- I woke up this morning but I was so tired which isn't a great start to the morning but I got ready watching some YouTube videos before I headed to work. Me and Luke were sat in the car like we usually do and the fire alarm went off so we were sat in the lovely warm car whilst everyone was outside. I got to my desk and there was presents and cards from everyone in the office which was so lovely. I had all my work up to date so I spent the day going through my desk and getting rid of the stuff I don't need anymore. Towards the end of the day the girls from the office were off into town and before they all went I got hugs from the girls and it got a little emotional but I know its the right decision. Once I drove home with Luke I headed to Tesco as I needed some bits with my mum and I got back and changed my bag and got changed. I took my make-up off and ate my tea. I did some blog stuff before I sorted my paperwork out ready for Monday so I was organised. Once Luke was home we spent the rest of the evening watching YouTube videos in bed.

  Saturday- I woke up at half nine this morning so I got up and had some breakfast. Me and Luke watched some YouTube videos in bed for most of the morning before we both got up and started getting ready. I washed my hair before I started getting ready as it just felt really greasy. I did my make-up watching YouTube videos whilst Luke washed his hair too. Once we were both ready we headed out and stopped at the shop to pick up a few bits for the day as we were both starting to get hungry. When we got back out the car wouldn't start so we were there around twenty minutes before my mum came and got it started. We stayed at Luke's mums for most of the evening before we headed home. The drive home was lovely and once we got in we both had stuff to eat before we both got into some comfy clothes and cuddled in bed for the rest of the night.

  Sunday- I got up at nine this morning as me and my mum were taking a test drive to my new job so we know where we are going properly on Monday so I got dressed and made myself a cup of tea in a travel mug and we headed out. It didn't take us too long and when we got back my mum made me a bacon and egg sandwich which was so nice. I laid in bed with Luke for a bit before we had our little play fight before Luke started getting ready. I decided to make the bed and start cleaning the room until Luke went out. I finished cleaning the room and did lunch for work tomorrow before I ironed my clothes. I sorted my bag out with all my paperwork and documents before I ran myself a bath. It was such a relaxing bath and I got out feeling so tired as I was so relaxed but for some reason I started to feel a little sick so I ate some of my dinner before I decided to get cosy with my laptop and do some blog stuff and watch YouTube.Once Luke got home he ate his dinner before we just got into bed for the rest of the night as I just really didn't feel too great and we just watched Netflix.
How was your week?

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