Sunday, 21 August 2016

Weekly summary #61

 (Weekly Summary 15/08-21/08)
  Monday- So I got up at half six this morning and had some breakfast in bed whilst Luke was getting ready. Once he was ready I started to get ready whilst he chilled out for a bit. Me and my mum headed to work which was a nice drive and I started to get nervous but everyone was so lovely and I spent most of my day at my desk just getting used to everything it was just nice to be somewhere new. I got home later than expected as traffic was hectic but once I got home I ate my tea and got my clothes ready for work and changed my bag. I watched some YouTube videos but I just wasn't in the mood to blog. Once Luke was home we just chilled out in front of the TV.

 Tuesday- I woke up at half six as I wanted to get in the shower this morning as I had something planned after work so I got a shower and started getting ready whilst watching some YouTube videos. Work went much better today as I had my own work to get on with which was nice and I'm starting to enjoy it now which is exciting. After work we drove home and traffic was empty tonight so it was a lovely drive. I sorted my clothes for work and my lunch before one of my close friends came round and we had a good catch up which was so lovely. Once she went I waited for Luke to get in and he wasn't feeling great so once he had eaten we went straight to bed.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six but I was so shattered I decided to stay in bed until seven then I got up and started getting ready. The drive this morning was so lovely but I was so tired. Work was so good today and I loved it I was doing a lot of stuff which I would be doing daily so it was nice to see what I was getting into but I know I will love the job when I start it properly. After work we picked my brother and dad up at the fish shop near my work as my mum dropped them off when she picked me up which again the drive was lovely. Once I got back I sorted my clothes out which I haven't decided on a full outfit yet and changed my bag. I did my lunch before I dropped Luke off and well let's say I nearly had a crash which was no fault of mine which did scare me a little but I got back home okay. I did some stuff on my laptop before I caught up on YouTube which was so nice. I picked Luke up before I made myself a hot drink and we headed upstairs to watch YouTube and get cosy.

  Thursday- I woke up at seven this morning which I wanted to get up earlier as I was getting a shower so I had to quickly wake Luke up and get myself in the shower. I got in and ready within half an hour which wasn't bad so I could then just sit and chill out which was nice. Work was so busy again today but it's getting easier now and I'm loving the job so far. After work the drive was lovely again and we went clothes shopping which was nice and I picked up a few bits. We came back and I did my lunch before picking my clothes and ironing them. We had tea and I just relaxed for a while before Luke came home and for the rest of the night we just got comfortable in bed watching a film.

  Friday- I woke up at half six this morning with Luke when his alarm went off but we just laid in bed together for a bit before we both got up. I did my make-up whilst I watched some YouTube videos. I was so shattered though but I just took my time and slowly came round. We headed to work and again the drive was lovely but the weather was so gloomy and it rained all day non stop. Work was great again and I'm loving it so much but that's my first week over which is amazing. Once I got home I got into some comfy clothes and took my make-up off before I ate my tea. I decided to have a blogging and YouTube evening as I hadn't done it all week and was so excited. I painted my nails whilst I caught up on everything. I picked Luke up when he was ready and that was also a lovely drive. Once we got home we both got some stuff to eat and we headed upstairs to watch some YouTube videos together which we watch every night. Since we didn't have work we decided to watch a film in bed before we both went to sleep.

   Saturday- I woke up at nine this morning and for the rest of the morning I just cuddled with Luke as I feel like I haven't seen him properly this month so I enjoyed that. I had breakfast whilst we watched some YouTube documentaries which I enjoyed. I decided to clean the bedroom before we both washed our hairs and started to get ready. Once we were both ready I drove us to the shop so we could get some food before we headed to Luke's mums which we were there most of the day before we headed to the chinese as I really fancied a takeaway and was craving a chinese. We got back and ate that before we headed to bed and I decided to watch another documentary which Luke fell asleep cuddling me so I watched it on my own before also heading to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten this morning to Luke going to the toilet but for some reason I was so tired so I literally dragged myself out of bed to make myself some breakfast to try and wake me up. We stayed in bed for most of the morning before I decided to get stuff done so I cleaned my brushes before sorting my clothes out for work tomorrow. I then made the bed before I decided to get lunch done for work tomorrow too. I dropped Luke off at his mums before I came back and ran myself a lovely bath using the Lush twilight bath bomb which is one of my favourites. I put a face mask on but it wasn't one of my favourites so I really need to try and find a good one. I dried my hair before I got my laptop and caught up on YouTube and my blog. I painted my nails before I sorted my diary out ready for this week. I picked Luke up and for the rest of the evening we were watching YouTube videos and I did a bit of reading which was nice. Once we both got tired we decided to go to sleep.
How was your week?

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