Sunday, 28 August 2016

Weekly Summary #62

(Weekly Summary 22/08-28/08)

  Monday- I woke up at half six and laid in bed whilst Luke got ready and it was a lovely lie in but I did have to drag myself out of bed. I got ready whilst I watched YouTube videos on my phone and listened to some music. The drive to work was lovely again and I was in such a good mood. Work was so nice again and it flew again I just can't get over how fast it goes. After work when I got in I did my lunch for work and waited for Luke to get here and then I got changed and cleansed my face before I got all my clothes ready for work tomorrow. I looked through a few catalogues for some Christmas presents and birthday presents so I'm starting early so I'm in front. I then did some blogging and watched some YouTube videos before Luke got in. The rest of the evening we just caught up on YouTube videos and cuddled in bed which was nice.

  Tuesday-I woke up at half six this morning and had a lovely hot shower which definitely woke me up which I'm enjoying more now. I made sure Luke was awake before just browsing on my phone until seven as I don't like to dry my hair until after seven when I know everyone is awake. The drive to work was lovely this morning and work was so hectic today but it flew which was good. I had my first meeting today too which I found really interesting. The drive home was lovely too and once I got home I did my lunch for work before picking my clothes for work and sorting my bag out. I then applied some false nails as I haven't had them on for a while and I then fed Rocky which is my tortoise if you didn't know. I decided to sit on my laptop for a while before I read my kindle with a coffee which I enjoyed. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we watched YouTube for a while until we tried to go to sleep but it was so warm it took a while.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six again but just laid with Luke until seven and got up to start getting ready. I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready and just took my time as I was a little tired. Work was a nice easy day today and I just got on with my work and I was just in such a good mood today. After work when I got home I had a few phone calls to make before I had to go meet Luke which I ended up having a breakdown in my car which Luke calmed me down and I drove back home. I did my lunch for work and got changed before I picked my clothes for work. I sorted my Avon stuff out which my mum had kindly done everyone else's for me which was so nice of her. I decided to do a little bit of blog stuff but I just wasn't in the mood so I decided to change my bag and purse to my new ones before watching YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just spent the rest of the night talking which I enjoyed as I was just in the mood to spend time together.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and had a shower again but I wasn't really in a good mood so I just got a quick shower and got back into bed for a bit. I got ready watching YouTube videos but I just took my time so I was late at getting ready but it was fine. Work was okay today actually and I cheered up in the end. I went to the pub with a few of the people at work on dinner which was nice and something different which was nice. After work I got home and traffic wasn't too bad with Leeds fest been on but once I was home I got changed and did my lunch for work. I took some of my Avon orders to everyone but the weather was horrendous so I decided to get a takeaway and spent some time with Luke just catching up. I did a small bit of blogging but not much. I got my order ready for Avon as I'm ordering some Christmas presents and stuff. Me and Luke decided to watch something on Netflix whilst we ate our takeaway and spent the rest of the night just chatting which was nice.

  Friday- I woke up at half six this morning and for some reason I was wide awake so I made me and Luke a coffee before getting back into bed until seven whilst Luke was getting ready. I got ready whilst watching some YouTube videos and it was non uniform today so it was so nice to just be in comfy clothes and my vans. The drive to work was lovely again as the weather was beautiful today. Work was a nice day today and at lunch I took a walk to the fish and chip shop to have my lunch and took a walk back which was nice as the weather was so lovely. After work when I got home I had to dash to the pet shop as the bulb had gone on the tortoise tank. I went with my mum to Matalan so she could pick up a parcel she had waiting for her and we headed back. I had my tea before I caught up on some blog posts and scheduled my tweets before heading to Tesco to get some petrol and some essentials I needed. Once I was back Luke was also home so we just cuddled in bed watching films for the rest of the night.

  Saturday- I woke up at nine as I was going to clean my car this morning so I got up and got ready to start cleaning my car which I was doing it for an hour and a half. I have to say it was lovely and clean though so I came back inside and made some breakfast before relaxing with Luke for the rest of the morning. We both got ready and headed to Luke's mums for an hour before I drove me and Luke to his hairdressers so he could get his hair cut. We headed back to Luke's mums to drop my car off before we got a taxi into town and I headed into Lush and WHSmith and Luke headed to his favourite shop. We was going to get a taxi back but they said half an hour so we decided to walk home and it's around a half an hour walk but it started to chuck it down so we were both soaked. We got back to his mums and dried ourselves off and stayed there for a while before we drove home. We ate our tea before we headed upstairs and did some of our colouring book before we decided to try and go to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten this morning and decided to get up and have some breakfast and I just caught up with social media. Once Luke was awake we just laid in bed and watched some YouTube videos together before we got up and cleaned the bedroom and cleaned Rocky out. Once Luke headed out I did some blog posts and had my dinner before I started to get ready as we were heading out today for a bit. We headed to a new ice cream shop which has just opened near my house and I'm going to be doing a blog post about it. Once we got back I got changed back into some comfy clothes and did some more blog stuff before Luke got home. Once Luke was home we decided to watch a film since normally we have to go to sleep early but we could stay up later with it been bank holiday so once we had watched the film we decided to go to sleep.
How was your week?

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