Monday, 12 September 2016

A Lovely Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So today it's Monday evening and I'm just going to be doing a little catch up for you guys.
  So the last week has been so hectic for me as I was decorating my bedroom (I may be doing a post I'm just not 100% sure how the pictures have turned out) but every night from work I was doing my room or actually just spending time doing things I've needed to which has resulted in my blog being left in the dark for a week which I have never done as I always put my blog first but I have to say it's felt nice not getting my laptop out every night and spending hours on there catching up on everything. I'm spending the weekend getting everything up to date though but this week I have just realised a lot of things... I love my job! Yes it's only a recent change in my job but I'm loving it, I love my boss and everything that comes along with my role and I also travelled to Newcastle last week for a training course but I loved the travel there and back and the whole day was just such a good experience. My workload isn't too much which is also nice meaning I can spend my time doing it all right and spending my time to learn it all properly which is always nice. Last week was also my upgrade week for my phone and I decided to make the jump from the Iphone 5S to the Iphone 6S plus and I have to say I have fallen in love with the phone and I'm so glad I made the jump, Yes it is a huge phone for me but I'm so happy I chose it. I just felt so comfortable and content at the end of last week which was lovely. Friday it went down hill as well me and Luke had quite a big argument resulting in us saying we wanted to end it- I'm not going into details but I wanted to share this so I could look back on this. A few hours past by and we both decided we didn't want to end it as we both did love each other we just need to change a few things, Recently we've both kind of became distant with each other and not really communicating with each other which we both decided was the reason we kind of started to argue and fall out a lot more as we just wasn't catching up with each other so we decided we needed to go back to how we were when we first started going out with each other. Towards the end of the week (Sunday) I had fallen back into my content mood which was so lovely to be fully back to normal- All up to date with everything, My room been tidy and clean and everyone happy including spending most of my Sunday evening in a lovely Lush bath- Always a great end to the week when you spend your evening pampering yourself which was definitely needed.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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