Friday, 16 September 2016

August Wax Box

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share with you a new subscription box I've just signed back up to.
  So I signed up to Wax box a while back now but ended up cancelling the box as I just had too many candles to burn so I decided to sign back up when I had burnt a lot of them and so recently I decided to sign back up for it and I'm so happy I did. Wax box if you didn't know is a monthly box where you receive wax melts for your burners and with postage it comes to £15 which isn't too expensive. I just love trying new candles and I just love subscription boxes as they are all surprises so it's like a birthday present to yourself every month which who doesn't want that? I know this wont be for everyone but for candle lovers like myself it's the perfect subscription box. So let's get into what I received in this box but I will say I'm not one hundred percent on the brands of these candles as the card you receive in the box doesn't give you all the details but hopefully I can try find them online.
  So the first two wax melts I received in this box was one in the scent Jasmine & Freesia from the brand Kiss Air Candles which is quite a big wax melt so it'll definitely last such a long time as I don't burn my candles for too long as it fills my room quite quickly and I mainly burn them on an evening to relax so this will definitely last a while but the scent of this is very floral which I do like.
  The next scent I got is in Linen by the brand Busy Bee Candles which is a much smaller wax melt but I have to say I don't like clean scents like linen or fluffy towels so I may have to give this one to my mum as she prefers clean scents.
  The next two candles I got in this box was one in the scent Cherry Blossom by the brand Knick Knacks Attic and this smells so lovely and I can't wait to burn it but it does smell quite strong so I don't think I'd be able to burn it for too long but I'm looking forward to it and again it's such a huge wax melt so it'll definitely last a while.
  The next wax melt I got was in the scent Grape Soda Pop by the brand Wax Scentsual which when I saw this I wondered what the scent would actually smell like and if it would be too sweet to actually burn but it smells delicious and once my other melt has finished I'm definitely popping this one in.
  The next two bits I received in this box aren't my favourite things when it comes to candles but I'm really hoping I can get to use these properly and actually like them this time round. The first one is in the scent bubblegum and the next one in the scent Citronella but last time I used these I just didn't get the point of them and they didn't give off much scent so I hope I can use these properly and seem to get a more positive response and a lovely scent once they are burnt.
  These two were my favourites out of the full box this month so I'm excited to get these burning but I think it's mainly because of how nice they actually look. I have to say these two didn't say what scent they actually are so these will definitely be more of a surprise when I burn them but the pink one is such a pretty melt as it looks like a lovely flower which I think is so cute. The blue one is the standard melt style but it has blue glitter throughout it so when it burns it will look stunning in my burner.
Would you sign up to this box?

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