Friday, 2 September 2016

Avon Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing what I bought from Avon again and I'm happy with all my purchases so let's get into it.
  So this time I will say I went a little crazy with what I bought but there was so much I wanted to pick up this time so I decided to just pick them all up as I knew I wanted them all and knew and I would definitely use them all but I'm thinking of doing first impressions on most of these products.
  So I decided to pick up the Avon Magix face perfecter which I am going to use as a primer which this is supposed to make your face seem more smooth and 'perfected' which when I've applied this I feel it makes your foundation apply with ease which is always good. I then decided to pick the Avon ideal flawless foundation up in Ivory as it looked like the perfect shade for me but it seems a little too dark for me so I may need to lighten it but I did like how this applied as it made my skin look more flawless which is always something I look for in a foundation and it lasted all day.
  So the next two things I picked up was earrings as I definitely needed some new pairs I could switch between so I thought these were the perfect ones. I picked up a set of nine earrings which were mainly pearls and silver earrings which I love silver jewellery and I prefer to wear more minimal earrings as I just think that suits me more so I know these will definitely get used. I also picked some a separate pair of pearl earrings as these were just a bigger pair and they were only cheap.
    I then picked up the Incandessence perfume as I got this as a present a while back and loved it so I decided to pick this up and I have to say it's quite a musky scent but that's the scents I prefer, The packaging of this perfume is very basic but I just think it's the perfect bottle for the perfume. I really do love this scent and it lasts all day so for the price I knew I had to pick this up again.
   So I picked up these two lipsticks as I just thought the shades of these were perfect, The first one I picked up in the silver packaging was 'Twig' which is a plumping lipstick which I'm so excited to use this as I'm not really a fan of plumping lip products but I really think I will like this. The last lipstick I picked up was the matte lipstick in 'Mauve Matters' and this is the perfect shade for me and I know this will get used and I love the matte lipsticks from Avon. They last all day and don't need re-applying unless you want the shade to be more vibrant on the lips otherwise they don't fade or cling to my dry lips which is something I look for in matte lipsticks.
  The last two lipsticks I picked up was from the teenage range of make-up which I always seem to pick up the lipsticks from this range as I just love the packaging and the shades of the lipsticks. The first one I picked up was the limited edition packaging which I really like in the shade 'Jean Queen' which is a stunning purple shade with pink undertones and I just love this shade and when I have applied this it's a stunning shade and I will definitely get my use out of this one. The next lipstick I picked up was in the shade ' Amethyst' which this is more of a pink shade but again this is another shade I know I will definitely get my wear out of this but it's more of a safe shade than the Jean Queen.
  The next two products I picked up was the Extra lasting gloss in the shade 'Neverending Nude' I decided I wanted a nude gloss which I could wear on a daily basis for work if I couldn't be bothered applying a lipstick which is getting more frequent. This gloss looks the perfect shade for me but I feel like I may apply this over Twig and it might be the perfect combo hopefully. The last product I picked up was the super shock mascara in black as I needed a new mascara and I used to buy this before from Avon and it just does the job for my lashes making them look longer and more fluttery. 
  The last thing I picked up which is by far my favourite thing was the Suzanne slippers which I picked these as I needed some new slippers but they are so comfy I'm so glad I actually decided to pick them up. They are a brown suede colour with a pom pom on the front as you can see but I just feel like Tinkerbell when I wear these and they fit like a glove so I love wearing these.
Do you order from Avon?


  1. Lovely haul! I've never ordered from Avon before. Those slippers do remind me of Tinkerbell haha :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  2. Thankyou! I love ordering from there now and me too that's why I picked them up I love Tinkerbell :)
    Meg xo