Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Graze Box #14

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing what I received in my most recent Graze box which came through the post.
  So I'm still subscribed to the Bakery box as I just feel like it's the best box for me and I love snacking on these at my desk and as I've started a new job I'm just trying to eat small things which aren't too noisy to eat so these are perfect for now and I'm still loving the snacks each time.
  Golden Flapjack- I saw this as I opened the box and I literally took the picture and ate it straight away, I love Graze flapjack but I love golden syrup too and this was so delicious.
  Summer Berry Compote- So I do love these snacks too as you receive some shortbread sticks which you then dip into the compote and the summer berry one is so so nice I do love this.
  Original Fruity Flapjack- I got spoilt this box with two types of flapjack but if I'm honest I do love this flapjack as it's just a nice twist on basic flapjack and I do love odd dried fruits which this flapjack tastes incredible.
  Carrot Cake- So carrot cake is also one of my favourite cakes and I loved this when I ate it and I may say it's one of my favourite carrot cakes I've ever tasted but this was so lovely. I also had it with the teabag which was also really nice too so I loved my afternoon at work when I ate this.
  I was so spoilt in this box as I loved everything I got so definitely a good box this week!
Have you subscribed to Graze?

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