Friday, 23 September 2016

No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing my review on the foundation I recently picked up.
  I decided a few months ago to try the No.7 foundation as it just seemed the perfect foundation for me. I was going to get a test match done so it would be the perfect shade for me and it was a matte formula which for someone with oily skin this sounded perfect for me. I have to say the packaging and overall experience from picking this foundation up was perfect which I have a blog post on that HERE if you want to have a read before you carry on reading this review but I thought I would carry this on and let you know how I actually got on with the formula of the foundation and stuff like that.
     So I have to say I was matched to the shade Calico which was the lightest shade available but it did suit me perfectly which I was so surprised about as with foundation I seem to struggle to find a perfect match for my skin but this one was perfect. So as I said I decided to go for the beautifully matte formula as I have oily skin so I always want a matte finish with any foundation so I thought this would be perfect for me. The packaging is very sleek which I really like as it looks very expensive which if I'm honest the foundation isn't too expensive in my opinion. So let's get onto how the foundation actually applies to my skin- So I was a little disappointed in the lasting power of the foundation but when I first apply this on my skin on a morning it looks flawless and perfect on my skin which I love, I just adore how it makes my skin look. The foundation just didn't seem to stay on my skin very much it'd last around two hours at the most and it would start to fade and disappear leaving my skin patchy which is never something you want when you are applying a foundation.I'm just not sure what else I can try to make it stay on longer so I might keep trying different primers to see if I can actually make this work as I really wanted to love this foundation. Recently I have just left this foundation in my collection and not picked it back up as I just can't deal with how this leaves my face by the end of the day- If I do seem to pick a primer which works perfectly with this then I will definitely do another post on this foundation but until then the foundation will just stay in my draw which is a shame but I just can't use it when I know it doesn't last as long as I need it to.
Have you tried this foundation?

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