Sunday, 4 September 2016

Weekly Summary #63

(Weekly Summary 29/08-04/09)

  Monday- I woke up at half nine this morning and got up and had my breakfast in bed which was lovely plus it was bank holiday so it was a lovely start to the week. I stayed in bed until twelve catching up on YouTube and social media before I decided to get up and do my lunch for work tomorrow before washing my make-up brushes and by then Luke was awake so we just sat in bed for a bit and I read my kindle before we took Rocky in the garden since it was quite sunny. I took Rocky back in and Luke got ready to head out. I decided to run myself a nice bath and used the Lush Sakaru bath bomb and rose jam bubble bar and it was such a lovely bath. I dried my hair before getting my laptop to do some blog posts and watch some YouTube videos. I decided to watch a film on Netflix whilst I had my tea before I went back to blogging as I wanted to get in front. Once Luke was home we decided to get cosy in bed and catch up on the vlogs we watch before we went to sleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six this morning and made sure Luke was awake before I just laid in bed until I needed to get up. I got ready watching a vlog on YouTube but my make-up and everything just didn't turn out well today which was annoying plus I have a full face of spots at the moment (Hormones) The drive to work was lovely as the weather was beautiful. Work was busy today but I really enjoy it and my boss was back from to holiday today so it was nice to work with him properly. Lunch I decided to go for a walk and I was going to go to Boots but decided against it so I just got myself some crisp and a drink for Morrison's and went for a lovely walk in the sun. After work I went for a walk to the shop with my mum and Elle before I did my lunch for work and ate my tea. I decided to change my bag before I sorted my clothes for work. I did a few blog bits but not much as I'm trying not to stress myself and just take it as it comes. I read my kindle for a bit before I made myself a hot drink which I really enjoyed. Once Luke was home we fed Rocky some bits Luke had picked up from his way home from work and we just relaxed in bed for the evening.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six this morning and got up to have my shower which it was so lovely and woke me up for the day. My make-up went much better today which was nice as I feel like I've had months of bad skin days which is annoying. I got ready watching YouTube videos which I enjoy doing now whilst I'm doing my make-up as it just puts me in a good mood for the day. Work was great today as it was just lovely and I'm definitely enjoying myself with the job which is nice.After work when I got home I did my lunch and changed my bag before I just did some little jobs ready to start decorating my bedroom but I was just making a list of the stuff I need to buy to start it. I just made myself a hot drink and got cosy in bed before Luke got home and he made his tea before he followed me to bed and we just relaxed in bed watching a film until we were both tired.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six again but didn't move out of bed until seven as Luke didn't have work today so I could just get up when I wanted to start getting ready. I got ready watching YouTube and I kind of tried to make as little noise as I could so Luke didn't wake up. He ended up getting ready and coming to work with me which was nice and a change. Work was so hectic today but I loved it as it flew so fast which was nice. After work we picked Luke up and headed to B&Q so I could pick up the paint and wallpaper and Luke was picking up some wood as he's making a cabinet for the bedroom so once we got back Luke started on his project and I put everything away. I decided to just relax watching some YouTube videos before I picked Luke up and we headed home. I made myself a cup of tea and Luke had his tea whilst we watched a programme on TV and thought of some plans for the bedroom. I was suffering with stomach cramps so we got into bed and cuddled for the night.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and it was my shower day today but my stomach cramps was so bad this morning so the shower was actually quite relaxing which was nice. It was non uniform today at work so I decided on some jeans, flats and a massive cardigan which I classed as my comfort blanket as I just felt so vulnerable today. Whilst getting ready I ended up having a cry which I just think my hormones were all over the place this morning. Work was so busy today that I literally had no dinner and just quickly ate my lunch at my desk but the day did fly by which was nice. After work we headed to B&Q again as Luke wanted some more wood to finish his project and I wanted to look in B&M to pick up some bits for the bedroom and then I will pick up the last bits at the end of the month or next month which is fine. Once we got back Luke started to do the wood so I sat outside but my stomach, back and legs were in agony which is horrible. Luke headed out so I did some blog stuff quickly which I just haven't had time this week to sit and blog properly which is annoying. I had a hot chocolate whilst I watched some YouTube videos before picking Luke up. Once we were home we just got into bed and watched a film for the rest of the evening with cuddles as I definitely needed them.

  Saturday- I woke up at nine to Luke's phone going off so once we were both awake we just relaxed in bed watching YouTube videos before we both got dressed and headed downstairs to start on Luke's little project for the new tortoise table which we did it for a few hours and it was starting to look real now which looks good. We then got ready and dropped Luke off at his mums and headed shopping which we went to B&Q for some more wood and I then headed to B&M as I wanted to pick up some more bits for the bedroom and some stuff for myself and I also picked up a few Christmas presents. Once I got back I put everything away before I took some blog photos and did some blogging. I picked Luke up later once I had caught up with my YouTube subscriptions and he had something to eat before we headed to bed and watched a film for the rest of the evening which was nice.

  Sunday- I woke up at half eight and decided to get up and have some breakfast before Luke woke up and we just relaxed in bed for the morning. We both got up and started our little projects which Luke was doing his cabinet and I decided to paint the bedroom which turned out really well and I was so proud of Luke's cabinet once it was done and mine took longer than expected so I only got one wall done. Once I had done I cleaned the room up just so we could get into the stuff we needed for work etc and then decided to do my lunch for work and iron my clothes for work. I got a shower before we had chinese for tea. I decided to do some blog stuff and get organised for the week ahead. I also ordered my 2017 diary which I went for the Kate Spade one again as I just love it. I caught up on YouTube with a cup of tea until Luke got home. Once he was home he ate his chinese before we got cosy in bed for the evening and didn't move until we got ready for bed.
How was your week?

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