Sunday, 11 September 2016

Weekly Summary #64

(Weekly Summary 05/09-11/09)

  Monday- I woke up at half six to Luke's alarm and decided to stay in bed until seven and get up to start getting ready. The room is all over the place at the moment with me decorating so I got ready on my bed which I actually enjoyed and I watched YouTube videos. Work was a nice day today as I was on my own so I just got on with my work with cups of teas and cake which I loved. In the afternoon I updated my diary ready for this week so I know what I'm doing every night. Once I got home from work I headed to the shop with my mum and I picked up a few Christmas presents. I had my tea and did my lunch for work before I ended up moving some of the bedroom round and once I had sorted it out I got my laptop and headed downstairs for a cup of tea. Once Luke was home we made something to eat and headed upstairs to watch Disneylife in bed for the rest of the evening.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and headed into the shower and I timed myself this morning and I was out within five minutes so I'm getting quicker on a morning. I got ready whilst watching YouTube videos and I was really happy with how my make-up turned out. It was so muggy this morning so I decided on a loose kind of outfit so I wouldn't be too warm. Work was busy as I was getting everything up to date ready for Wednesday as I was out of the office. After work when I got home I got ready as we were off out for a family meal which was lovely and relaxed me after a busy day so that was nice. I got changed and took my make-up off before making a cup of tea to take to bed with me, Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we just got into bed to cuddle for the rest of the night.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and had to start getting ready straight away as I needed to head to work earlier than usual today but it was so strange getting ready that early again. I got to work for half eight and we headed straight off to get to Newcastle on time. I had a training course at the head office and the building was beautiful and the grounds were stunning I so wish I got a picture. The day went by so quickly and we finished earlier so we got home early which was good. I had such a good day and the experience was incredible- I also had to go through a tunnel underwater which was strange. Once I got home I caught up with Aiden as it was his first day at school meeting his coach etc with my mum and dad before I got changed. I had my tea before I did the last bit of painting in my room and it looks so nice. Once that was done I came down and painted my nails and changed my bag before catching up on YouTube videos. Once Luke was home we just spent the night watching Simpsons in bed which was nice.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and headed into the shower which I just quickly got and headed back into the bedroom it's still a mess with me decorating but I got back into bed until Luke was fully dressed and then I started getting ready. Luke came back as he had a flat tire on his bike so he ended up staying at home to get that sorted. Work was so good today and I was in such a good mood on my way home. Today was also my upgrade day for my phone and o decided on the IPhone 6S plus which I'm happy with. Once I got home I had my tea and did the Avon order before heading upstairs to try and sort the room out. Once we had done that me and Luke got into bed and watched TV for the rest of the night until we went to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and just laid there cuddling with Luke until he got up to start getting ready for work. Once he headed out I started getting ready myself. Work was a lovely day today as not many people was in so I just got on with my invites to the event I'm doing at work so that took me most of the day. On my way home my mum brought my phone so I could have a look at it- I love it! Once we were home I finished my bedroom and accessorised it all and it looks lovely I'm so happy with how it's turned out in the end. Me and Luke had an argument and most of the night was sorted it out which it's all sorted again.

  Saturday- I woke up at nine this morning and me and Luke just spent the morning cuddling watching TV until I headed down to make some breakfast. We watched TV before Luke finished the painting on the wall and took some shelves down which I didn't want on the walls anymore before he started getting ready as he was heading to his step mums for the day as she was having a party. I dropped him off at the shop so he could get the bus to his step mums as she lives around an hours bus drive from our house. Once I got back I had cheese on toast with a cup of tea before I headed upstairs to get under the bed tidied which took me a lot longer but once it was fully finished and tidied up properly as we just kind of got it tidy on Friday night but it looks lovely and clean now. I washed my hair and changed into my Pj's before I headed down to catch up on my blog and YouTube subscriptions with a hot drink. I decided to spend the day catching up on everything including getting everything sorted on my new phone and started a new book which I'm enjoying. I had my tea before I decided to watch some stuff on Netflix and get comfy in bed. Once Luke was home he came and followed me to bed before we just cuddled and went to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine this morning and I spent my morning catching up on social media with my breakfast in bed until Luke woke up. We spent the morning watching YouTube videos and a film before I got up and started to get everything ready for work tomorrow like changing my bag, doing my lunch and ironing my clothes for work. I then decided to just clean the room again before I ran myself a lovely Lush bath and spent a while in there just pampering myself ready for the week ahead. I dried and straightened my hair before I made myself a hot drink. I updated my diary ready for next week before me and Luke decided to spend the night watching films with some food which was a lovely end to the week- I was so content and comfortable.
How was your week?

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