Sunday, 18 September 2016

Weekly Summary #65

(weekly Summary 12/09-18/09)
  Monday- I woke up at half six and just laid with Luke for a while until he got up to start getting ready. My head was banging so I decided to stay in bed a bit longer. I got ready watching YouTube videos and then we headed to drop my brother off at high school before we went to work. Work was very busy today and the day flew which was great and I definitely love Monday's at work. After work I did my lunch before I sorted my clothes out for work. I headed to Tesco with Luke to go shopping then I got petrol and we cleaned my car with the jet wash before I took Luke to his mums. I got changed and made myself and my mum a hot chocolate before we watched TV for a bit. Once Luke was home I made his tea and we headed to bed until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and headed to the shower for a quick shower before I headed to get Luke up. I got ready watching YouTube videos again but it took me a bit longer to get ready today as I was drying my hair and everything. Work was a nice day today and the weather was so lovely today which was nice I also finished work early as I needed the doctors. After the doctors I got home and made some lunch for work before I sorted my clothes for work. Luke was in tonight so we sorted stuff out to practise his theory and we sorted the lizard and tortoise out before we spent the rest of the evening watching a film with a hot drink each. There was a massive thunder and lightening storm which was so nice to watch as I love watching thunder storms.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six this morning and just laid in bed until Seven and I started to get moving and get my stuff together to get ready. I got ready watching a few YouTube videos before we headed to work. The weather wasn't as sunny as it was yesterday but it was still warm. Work was so busy today and I was boiling so I was a sweaty mess towards the end of the day but I got a few of my little jobs done which was good. After work I opened my stuff which had come through the post and sorted through the Avon order before I had my tea. I did a few blog bits and replied to some e-mails before I watched some YouTube videos. I made myself a hot chocolate and decided to read some of my book. Me and Luke decided to watch another film for the rest of the evening.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and headed straight for the shower and had a quick shower. I headed back to bed until Luke got up and I was going through my phone as I updated to ISO 10 so I was checking what was new. Luke headed to work and I started to get ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos on my phone. Work was very busy day but I really enjoyed it as I was just sorting out an event which I've booked so I was just sorting that out and towards the end of the day I decided to make myself a hot drink and just relax at my desk. After work when I got home I met Luke's sister to give her some stuff she had ordered from Avon. I got home and did my lunch for work before I decided what to wear for work and got my laptop. I had my tea which was Spag Bol before I did some blog posts and watched some YouTube videos. I decided to read for a while with a cup of tea until Luke got home. Once he was in we headed upstairs and watched TV whilst Luke ate his tea then we ended the night with Celebrity Juice.

  Friday- I woke up at half six this morning and just laid in bed before I got Luke up ready for work. It was dress down day today so I decided on Vans, ripped jeans and a jumper as the weather wasn't too great. Work wasn't too busy but I got all of my stuff done which was nice and I feel as though I'm picking up the job though so I'm happier when each day passes. After work I picked up some chips with curry sauce to eat on the way home and once I got home we went to Tesco and picked up a few things we needed really before we headed back home. I dropped Luke off at his mums before I just chilled out for the rest of the night which was nice.

  Saturday- I woke up at half nine and just relaxed for the morning until I got ready as I was heading to the library with my mum and Aiden to do his homework and we both picked up some books each. We then headed to Tesco for a few bits then we went to get our hair cut which I decided to go back to my bob which I've always loved and I feel it just always looks neat. I headed home and took some blog photos before having a cup of tea with my mum in the garden as the weather was lovely and I started one of the books I got from the library. Luke headed home and we both got ready to head to the cinema as we were watching Brotherhood so we got the bus into town and watched that which I really enjoyed it. Once we got home I dropped Luke back at his mums before I got changed and had something to eat and started to watch some YouTube videos before I made myself a hot drink and headed to bed as Luke was going to be a little late in so I headed to bed.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten and had my breakfast in bed before I watched some YouTube videos and read my book for a while. Once Luke was up we just laid in bed relaxing and watching YouTube videos before I did my lunch for work and Luke got a shower. We then made some food for our tortoise and gave him a bath before Luke decided he wanted to go out so I dropped him off before I came back and had my dinner before I cleaned my room and ran myself a lovely bath which I used Lush's bath bomb Frozen which I love and once I was out I dried and straightened my hair before I picked my clothes for work tomorrow. I decided to paint my nails before I had a hot chocolate and caught up on some blog stuff. I picked Luke up and he had his tea and I made myself some porridge and we headed to bed to watch a film for the rest of the night.
How was your week?

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