Sunday, 25 September 2016

Weekly Summary #66

(Weekly Summary 19/09-25/09)

  Monday- I woke up at half six this morning and me and Luke just decided to cuddle until we both got up and Luke started getting ready. When Luke headed off to work I decided to make myself a cup of tea and head upstairs to start getting ready. I decided to catch up on YouTube whilst I was ready and I can't of taken too long to get ready today as I was ready earlier than usual. Work was very busy today as we have an event tomorrow so me and my boss was planning everything for that and Monday is the day I'm on reception for half an hour and I test the fire alarms so it's a busy day for me normally but today I just didn't see where the day went I was so busy. After work me and my mum caught up with each other whilst we got home and once I was home I did my lunch, my clothes for tomorrow, took some blog photos and had a shower within an hour- I was on a mission. I had my tea which was jacket potato and salad which was lovely before I headed upstairs to dry and straighten my hair. I put some music on and edited my blog photos ready for this week. I spoke to Luke whilst he was on his way home and once he was in he had his tea and I caught up with my diary so I knew what I needed to get done this week and Luke did some of his drawings. I decided to read for a while with a cup of tea before we decided to watch a film for the rest of the night.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and had to start getting ready and I needed to get to work earlier today so I started getting ready and watched some YouTube videos but it did feel weird getting ready in the dark as it was so early. I got to work around eight so I turned all the lights on and just checked my e-mails before I headed to the hotel and I walked round signing all the guests in before we sat down and listened to the presentation and the speakers then had lunch before I headed back to the office. I caught up with all my work before it was home time which the afternoon just flew by. Once I was home I did my lunch for work before I sorted Rocky's food out and dropped Luke at his mums before I came home and sorted my clothes for tomorrow. I then got my laptop and decided to watch some YouTube videos and do some blog posts which it felt nice to get back into blogging again. I picked Luke up later on before we made ourselves a hot drink and headed to bed to watch TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and headed for the shower but it felt strange getting a shower whilst it was still pitch black outside but the shower definitely warmed me up and I felt more awake once I was out. I started getting ready watching YouTube videos but I started to feel hungry so I took a break and made some porridge which I ate whilst I finished getting ready. About five minutes before we set off I had a quick outfit change as I was just so cold I knew I needed to change. The weather was more like autumn today which I'm loving and once I was at work I got all my work done sorted and kept refilling my cup with tea and coffees as I just wanted to keep warm. I had my lunch which was leftover Chinese and once I had eaten I headed back to my desk as I had some training in the afternoon. The afternoon flew by and it was home time and once I was home I opened my package which was some clothes I got from Depop and then I did my lunch for work and got changed into my comfy clothes before I had my tea. I got my laptop and did some more blog stuff before I read my book as I've gotten into reading again which is nice. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and I had a warm drink before we got ourselves into bed and just relaxed for rest of the night.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and just laid in bed until seven when Luke was getting up for work. I got ready with some porridge for breakfast and did my makeup whilst I watched some YouTube videos. Work was okay today but I was just having one of those days where it dragged and I would of been much happier at home but I got through the day and headed home. Once I was home I got changed and took my makeup off and headed to Tesco for a few bits. Once I got back I did my lunch for work and then had tea but nothing had any taste (does this just happen to me?) so I tried something else and I just wasn't enjoying anything so I had a cup of tea with a custard donut. Once Luke was home we headed to bed and Luke is starting with a cold so we just laid in bed watching celebrity juice then we went to sleep- I ended up falling asleep crying as it had just been a down day.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and just wasn't in the mood to get up and have a shower so I decided to just get up at seven when I woke Luke up. Luke took his time getting up this morning as he said he just didn't feel well. Once Luke had gone I quickly did my makeup and hair with some dry shampoo and put the comfiest jumper and my vans on to be comfortable as I just wasn't feeling myself. Work was okay today it was payday but there was some issue with my pay which I spent most of the day looking into it. After work when I got home I did my blog stuff which needed doing for the weekend. I decided to have a hot shower and get into some comfy pj's to try feel better and I decided to watch TV with my mum. Once Luke was home he decided he wanted to get a warm bath so I decided to sit with him and have a catch up about the day. Once he was done we got into bed and just watched films for the rest of the night.

  Saturday- I woke up at half nine and had some cuddles with Luke before we both got up. Luke came down with me and sorted Rocky's food out whilst I made our breakfasts and we headed back upstairs. Luke decided to try sort the Lizard out as he's having trouble with his skin which Luke sorted and we then got into bed and had our breakfasts. We watched YouTube videos and listened to music for most of the morning and early afternoon before Luke got up to start getting ready and I started to clean the bedroom but we ended up watching the ending of Dear John before we both finished what we were doing. I dropped Luke off at his mums and came back to a cup of tea waiting for me so I sat and drank that with my mum before I went upstairs to get changed into my comfy clothes and got my laptop. I caught up on YouTube and blog bits before I had my tea. I decided to read for a while until Luke texted to say he was ready to be picked up. Once Luke was home he made himself something to eat and we headed to bed for the rest of the evening and decided to play the PlayStation until we were both tired then we got into bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at half six to Luke looking like he was suffering as he has man flu so you know he's dying so I headed to the toilet and got him a drink and some tablets for him to take. We laid cuddling for a while and Luke drifted off back to sleep but it took me a while to drift back off. I woke back up around half nine and I made breakfast and me and Luke just stayed in bed watching TV for a while before we sorted the pets out. Rocky had actually fallen onto his back so Luke sorted him out whilst I did his food. We got back into bed as Luke just didn't feel great so we laid listening to music and once Luke felt better he got ready. I was having a bad reaction on my face so it's been bright red all day. I took Luke to his mums and headed back which I did my lunch for work and my ironing for work before I had my dinner whilst I watched YouTube videos and then I had dessert before I headed upstairs. I made sure the room was tidy before I took some blog photos and ran myself a bath which I used the Lush blackberry bath bomb which I loved that it made the water purple. I dried and straightened my hair before I painted my nails and got my diaries up to date for the week ahead. I made myself a cup of tea and got my laptop ready to edit some photos and catch up on YouTube. Once Luke was ready I picked him up and we headed home. Luke had his dinner and I decided to have some porridge before we headed to bed. We watched TV for most of the night until we fell asleep.
How was your week?

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