Monday, 26 September 2016

What A Heck Of A Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and I'm sitting down to get my little weekly ramble out of the  way but I must say I always love doing these Monday posts as I get to reflect on the week before and the ups and downs of a week.
  So last week for me was one of those where I just felt drained and unmotivated for anything I just wanted to get cosy with a book and not move all week which you know been realistic that can't happen. So I still went to work and came home to crack on with my to-do pile which I have to say I wasn't stressing too much and was just getting done what was urgent then spending my time doing things I actually wanted to do which was nice for a change. I blogged every so often last week getting my posts scheduled for weeks in advance so I'm up to date again and it was nice to have a break a few days last week spending my evening on YouTube or reading my book. It was lovely and well needed if I'm honest to myself. It was pay week last week and although there was an issue with my pay I was happy to be able to actually treat myself to try make me feel better. Which I'm looking at purchasing myself a handbag which I've been lusting over for years. My end of the week was spent with a few tears but I think that's down to hormones so we'll forget about them. I'm hoping this week will be a much better week with a day off meaning I can do my own thing which is nice I'm feeling very grateful recently but there's some moments where you need to take a step back and just take a break and I feel last week made me realise this and I'm in a much better place right now which is a good thing.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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