Monday, 17 October 2016

Busy Week Ahead!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and we all know the routine by now let's crack open the biscuit tin and make ourselves a cup of tea and sit down to hear my little ramble- I hope you enjoy.
  So last week at work was so busy I don't think I've ever been that busy for a while but the job I do now I love been busy as the day literally flies by and I have no idea it's home time when it actually is. I mean I love been busy as it's just something that I enjoy. When I have a massive to do list I just feel like I'm a lot more productive as when I only have the odd jobs I seem to procrastinate and drift off topic so I really do enjoy it been busy. After work most nights last week I decided to just relax as I felt like I needed to relax for a while. I did the odd blog stuff but I wasn't really on my game last week which was annoying as I was so in front with my blog and I was in such a good routine and I just seemed to fall off it last week but hopefully I can get back into it this week and get myself back on track. I also decided to get back into my Juice Plus company as I just love how friendly everyone is and how much I enjoyed being part of a team/family so I'm attempting to get back on track with that too so my free time has been completely taken up with everything so I've fallen behind with my YouTube subscription but I will hopefully get back up to date with this soon as I can't keep up with all the uploads- Stressing! This week will also be a busy week as I have an event on Thursday with work which will last all day but I'm so excited to go to this event so I'm really looking forward to it.I will spend most of this week getting all my work up to date so I know I'm back up to date with everything. I'm sorry this is just a little rant but I'm having one of those days where I just want to get everything out of my system and hopefully this week will be a more productive week.
What do you do to relax after a stressful day?

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