Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Graze Box #16

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share with you what I received in my recent Graze box.
  So I'm still subscribed to Graze as I do love receiving this in the post as I love having these as snacks and recently I'm trying to cut myself down on chocolate as my skin is just getting much worse but I feel like these deal with my sweet tooth without causing my body havoc like chocolate does. So I'm subscribed to the 'Bakery Box' as this one is probably the best one for me as sweet stuff is more up my alley so I know I will always devour these boxes when they arrive so I'll get into what I received this time round. The first thing I received was the Sticky Toffee Pudding with a dip and I had this at work the other day and I really enjoyed it and the toffee sauce dip was delicious so these both worked as a dream together. The next one I received was the Lemon & Poppy Slice which you get a teabag with this cake slice but I have to say I don't really enjoy this cake but I will always have this when I'm needing something sweet but I don't know what I fancy this one always does the trick and again the teabag works perfectly with this cake. The next thing I received was the Summer Berry Flapjack and if you know me you will know I love the flapjacks from Graze and the summer berry one is always a favourite of mine as summer fruits are my favourite kind of fruits. The last thing I received in my Graze box was Raspberry Bakewell which when I saw this I was so excited to try this as I love cherry bakewells and stuff like that which this was so delicious and with the raspberry compote was just the topping to the cake which I enjoyed this so much when I had this and I really hope I get this again in a future Graze box as I could definitely eat it again- Oops sweet tooth talking.
  I received a code with this months box so to receive your first two boxes for free then log onto Graze and enter the code SUPER2 and you'll get the first two boxes for free (Only for new customers) so apologises if you are already are subscribed to Graze as this wont work for you.
Have you subscribed to Graze?

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