Monday, 3 October 2016

Having A Little Think!

Hello Everyone!
So it's Monday evening and you all know how it goes on a Monday evening on here so feel free to go get a hot drink and a snack and just have a little ramble with me in the comments.
  So last week was a strange week for me which may have been because of my hormones as it's that time of the month for me at the moment and I've been a little poorly as I had cold last week but I just didn't feel myself. It was pay week last week so I treated myself to a new bag and some other things but I still just didn't feel like me which if anything it's becoming a more apparent thing that I don't feel like myself. Work was fine last week as I was mainly catching up as I have Monday and Tuesday off this week which is nice as it was my mum's birthday on Saturday so I decided to take some days off and spend some time with her where it's just us two which is nice. I've mainly been trying to get my stuff in check mainly financially and life in general but at the moment I feel on top of my blog game as I have posts scheduled all the way to the beginning of November so I'm really on top of my game which is always a refreshing thing as I don't feel as stressed trying to make sure when I get home from work I get a post done or get some photo's done so I kind of like knowing I can do my own thing when I get home from work. So the two days off this week is mainly going to be spent shopping and getting my nails done with my mum so that's going to be nice to actually spend some money on making myself feel better so hopefully I might start feeling like myself. YouTube has become one of my main sources for motivation for my blog but I just feel like I've found my routine for my posts now so I'm really happy I now know what I enjoy blogging about and hopefully you can start to see that in my posts soon. My style is beginning to change a little but I'm liking the changes and also it's getting to Autumn so I'm changing my wardrobe ready for the weather but I definitely need to pick up some more pieces before the weather changes dramatically. So last week I had a day off as my dad had a hospital appointment so my mum went with him and I just needed to make sure my little brother got to school okay which he was fine but I just realised how much I actually miss been at home and doing my own things as now I work more fixed hours it's just a little hard I really miss been at home and been my own boss but obviously you need money so you need to work. Hopefully this week will be a lot better and I'll start to feel like myself again I really need to get back to myself- Bring on the nights watching YouTube with a cup of tea feeling sorry for myself.
Have a lovely week!


  1. I love to watch Youtube and read blogs before I'll gp sleep!♥

    1. I think it's so just relaxing on an evening to just catch up on everything! :)
      Thank you for reading! Meg xo