Monday, 24 October 2016

I Can Now Say I Love My Job!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and let's have a little chat about my job, Feel free to get a cup of tea and relax.
  First of all this picture is so stunning! But anyway let's get into my little chat for this Monday evening. So I decided to reflect a little on my blog about my job. The job I do from 9-5 every day of the week and the job I'm slowly starting to fall in love with. So if you didn't know I changed my job in August this year simply because I wasn't enjoying the job, I loved the people I worked with but the job just wasn't satisfying to me anymore and with me just passing my driving I just thought why not apply for some jobs which were a challenge for me. I applied for Construction Secretary of a building company which was completely out of my comfort zone and I had no experience but my boss clearly saw something about me as I got the job (After applying for around 20 a weekend, Finally one got back to me. It's a long process but someone will get back to you!) So I started the job in August and realised I would be looking after around 33 site managers, Assistants, Construction Managers and the Construction Director. Sounds like a tough job but they are all lovely people and they don't ask for too much on a daily basis so it's an easy round of people to deal with on a daily basis. So the company is an amazing company to work for as everyone just gets along and there's no bickering or falling out. All the managers treat everyone the same and they all have a laid back attitude about them which makes all the rest of the staff comfortable and relaxed. My job at the moment isn't too hard as I kind of understand all the jobs I do which obviously I haven't learned everything yet but in time it will all come. I feel like I've come out of my shell more too as everyone is just so friendly that I felt right at home on my first day which was nice as my anxiety was through the roof that day. So my managers are all laid back too meaning I don't feel on edge or like they are watching me 24/7. So I work 9-5 and the hours are still something I'm getting used to as I feel like I have so much to do when I get home and not enough time to do it but it'll all fall into place soon enough. I feel part of a team who are all men (It's Construction Sector so I deal with mainly men) but I know I fit right in, I get along with everyone which makes my life easier as I know I can get my work done and have a laugh too which is always nice to feel like you can have a little joke around without it been all serious. So it's two months in and so far I'm so glad I made the jump into a new career- I'll never look back.
Have a lovely week!

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