Friday, 7 October 2016

My Favourite Palette Of The Moment!

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing my favourite palette at the moment which I recently rediscovered from my make-up collection and I'm sure it's a blogger favourite so let's add my name to the list of people who just adore this palette.
  I got the Zoeva Rose Gold palette for my birthday from the girls in the office where I used to work and I had just fallen in love with the palette when I had seen it feature on other blogs I follow so I decided to ask for it and luckily one of the girls picked it up for me and I was so happy when I received it. So the main reason I needed this palette was the shades I adore using shimmers and I definitely prefer more gold toned shades so I knew this palette would definitely be for me. I think there is about three matte shades in this palette which is fine but I also like to apply a matte shade to my crease before I start my eye looks so I always need another palette for this reason but it's no hassle to me when I'm getting ready so it doesn't bother me but may bother other people. The palette has such incredible packaging as it's themed as 'Rose Gold' and it just fits the palette perfectly. The only downside is there is no mirror but again I get ready with a large mirror so it doesn't make a difference to me. I have to say this palette can be used on a daily basis for me as the shades are perfect for a daily basis to make the perfect eye looks for work which don't look too 'Out there'. The shades last all day for me but I do apply a primer underneath just to make sure they don't slide off my eyelids after a long, busy day in the office. I really have fallen in love with the palette.
 So here I'm going to be just talking about the shades so it gives you a good look at the shades up close just for the people who may not have picked up the palette yet. I love the shade names as I feel they suit the shades perfectly but as I said you get ten shades in the palette which only three are matte and the rest are shimmers. I prefer shimmers on my eyes as I feel like they make my eyes pop a lot more so I definitely love this palette just for that reason. I love applying Luster all over my lid before applying a transition shade before I start my eye look. So the shimmer shades are mainly golds, Rose gold and a dark brown shade which I do love to use in the crease. I have to admit I'm not sure when I would wear the Harmony shade as it's a more cool shade which I prefer to use more warm tone shades as they suite my green eyes more but I do love the shade so I really want to try and use it one day. The main colour I do love is the Copper is King as it's the perfect rose gold shade but I feel it just makes the look much more put together as it just ties everything in perfectly so I'm really glad I did pick this palette up. So the last thing I will say is the lasting power of these eyeshadows is amazing as they last all day on the lid without loosing any pigment and I just never want to take my make-up off when I've used this palette as it just always still looks perfect after a full day at work- Definitely such a winner.


  1. This is a pretty palette. I'm loving all the shades in it! I really have to try some Zoeva products asap!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I really recommend this palette all the shades are lovely to wear and so long lasting!
      Meg xo