Friday, 21 October 2016

My New Room

Hello Everyone!
So I thought today I would do something a little different and show you my new room.
  So I recently decorated my bedroom as it was in need of a redesign as I hadn't decorated my room for a few years and it was a basic brown and beige colour scheme which I just wasn't liking anymore so decided one month after pay day I was going to take a trip to B&Q and get the paint and wallpaper ready to decorate and I thought I would do a little blog post on it so you could see how it all turned out and I will try and say where everything is from. I have to say I haven't shown everything in the room as some of the things are Luke's stuff which I think is quite private so I thought I would just share the stuff in the room which is mine so it also felt a little personal to me but I'm really happy with the room now as it's my safe place and I'm finally happy again when I spend time in here again so I'm over the moon I finally decided to get round to decorating the room.So the main thing in this picture is the bed which is from Ebay and it's the one which has the whole bottom as storage and you lift the bed to get underneath and it just fits everything I need under there. The bedding was from a catalogue but I need to pick another one up. My pillows are from B&M and they are the comfiest pillows and they are huge which I love about them but they were only £7.99 each.
  So the wallpaper was decided between me and Luke and we decided on this grey wood effect paper which was from B&Q and it was around £12.99 per role but I only had to use two rolls so I was so happy with how the wallpaper looked once it was on the wall as I didn't think I would like it. I decided to keep the accessorising to a minimal so I just picked up the odd things from B&M which the 'Dream until your dreams come true' plaque which is on the wall was from B&M for around £2.99 but it just sets the wood wall off perfectly so I love it. The rattan 'LOVE' heart which is hung from the corner of the ceiling was also from B&M and it was on sale for around £2.99 also which I just feel like this adds something to the room and I'm so glad I actually did pick this up in the end as I really do like this but for this side of the room I kept it to a minimum as I felt these two just added enough to the room. My light is kept on the window as the plug reaches down to the side of the bed but this is a suede cut out light which is enough to light the room on an evening and this was around £4.99 from B&M so very cheap but does the job and works with the colour scheme.
   So this is probably my favourite part of the room apart from my bed as it's just the place I spent most of the evening as I like to blog etc on the bed but I just love this part of my room as it's the part where my beauty collection is and where my candles etc seem to stay and for some reason I just feel this is the girly part of the room which I've tried to keep in the bedroom as now I share the room with Luke I try to have little bits of the room just for me and this is definitely somewhere I love to sit. My dressing table is so old I'm not too sure where it's actually from but the draw holds all my make-up and the dressing table is also used as my desk for a while some evenings as I can plug my laptop in to charge and I can set all my diaries beside me and get everything done so I do love the dressing table. My make-up brushes are kept in these pen holders which are from Wilkinsons and I just love them. I keep my daily make-up in a make-up bag on top of the dressing table so it's all in one place so it's easier on a morning and my make-up bag is from Ebay but I'm hoping to pick up a Hannah Maggs one when they are all back in stock so I'm just waiting to pick one up. So my candles are beside my mirror which is from B&M which I picked up for around £24.99 but it fits the dressing table perfect. The white candle holder is from Yankee Candle and I'm currently burning Midnight Summer as I just love the scent and it's an electrical burner. The white candle behind is another Yankee Candle in Vanilla and it's a new one so I haven't burnt it yet but I'm excited to see if I like it. The smaller candle is from Primark which I love the scent as it's vanilla and coconut which I love it. I also have an Avon room spray in strawberry which I just spray around the room to freshen it up. My seat underneath is from a charity shop for £4.00 and I just love how comfy it is but it also holds my laptop on top of it to keep it safe and I just think it's make the dressing table look more put together- Bargain.
  So Luke decided to make a cabinet to hold the lizard and tortoise which we have in our room and he did such a good job but I decided not to photograph that but the bottom shelf is storage which currently holds a small stepladder as I'm only 5'2 so I need help to reach stuff sometimes so I'm happy I picked this up. Under here also holds Luke's PS3 games which he never plays but I have them here just so they are out of the way. The glass jar has light bulb battery operated lights which I picked them both up from B&M and they both came to under £10 and they make the room look so cosy on an evening so I'm really happy I picked them up. The bottom shelf also holds my books which I'm wanting to get round to reading and they are just under here so they are also out of the way and I have far too many to keep them on display. The last thing under here is a small little basket which I got from Tesco for around £3.99 and it's plastic so it's easy to clean if I need to. This basket holds all my Yankee Candle tarts and my oils for my candles as I just feel they are best kept in one place so I thought this basket was perfect to keep this all in one place. 
  So the last part of the room I'm going to show is my window and I have to say I feel this part of my room is so pretty and I'm really happy with how this looks. So my window is the biggest in the house which I don't mind at all and picking a blind is normally quite difficult but I decided on a light grey shade for the blind and I'm so happy I did as it makes the room look so much lighter. The curtains are white ones which I've had for quite a while but they are sheer curtains which have silver sequins throughout the curtain but I really like them and again they make the room look lighter and I don't actually shut my curtains they are mainly just there for show and theses look lovely. The 'HOME' blocks which hang down from my curtain pole was from B&M and was only £2.99 but I think it just makes my window look so cute and I'm so glad my mum told me to hang it there. The last thing is the lantern which is on the window which I actually got from my Nan as she just didn't want it anymore and I knew it would go with my bedroom so I decided to take it and put it on my window and I just think it makes the window look so pretty and I'm really happy with how it turned out. 
Do you like my new room?


  1. You did an amazing job! I'm in love with the wallpaper. It looks great!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thank you so much! I finally love my room again :)
      Meg xo