Wednesday, 26 October 2016

November Goals 2016

Hello Everyone!
So I've decided to start setting myself Goals for each month and then maybe a follow up post I'm not sure how it will work as of yet but I'm definitely doing goals for each month to motivate myself.
  So I know it's coming towards the end of the year slowly but I feel this is the perfect time to start setting myself goals so this month I'm starting with only a few but I feel happy with these goals:
  • Saving- So starting from November I'm wanting to start putting money away for the house deposit I'm saving for and I started a few months ago but stopped recently so I want to make sure I keep putting the money away so this one may be a reoccurring goal each month.
  • Have More Peaceful Nights- So recently I've tried to keep on top of everything and I can't remember the last evening I just relaxed and watched a Netflix series or read a book so in November I'm hoping to have the odd nights just relaxing doing my own thing.
  • Try Finish My Christmas Shopping- So I started my Christmas shopping in August so I started early but I'm hoping to finish my shopping this month or get most of the gifts bought- I'm not starting the wrapping yet though.
  • Treat Myself- So in November I'm wanting to treat myself to a few new Make-up bits as I haven't treated myself to make-up for such a long time so I really hope I have some spare money.
  • Get Motivated With My Blog- So I've fallen back into a slump with my blog but I think that's because I'm waiting for my new camera and props etc so I'm hoping in November I can get back into the swing of my blog and get motivated again.
  • Stick To My Routine- So this relates to my Have More Peaceful Nights bullet point but I have a routine to only blog on certain days etc so I'm hoping to stick to my routine so I don't feel as stressed or anything like that.
  • Healthy Eating/ Meal Plan- So I'm currently struggling with my meals as I just don't feel hungry but then I feel sick so in November I'm hoping to pick up a good meal plan so I know what to eat and then I can buy the food and stuff I need- I really hope this works.
  So at the end of November when I type up my December Goals post I will write a follow up for this post and say which I stuck to and which I didn't stick to so we can see if I succeed or fail.
What's your goals for November?

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