Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Recent Kindle Purchases

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my recent kindle purchases as I'm trying to get more into reading again so I'm hoping my kindle can get me back into it so I'll show you the books I bought.
  So I used to read most of my time when I was in high school and it kind of just faded off as I became interested in other things like my blog and YouTube etc so I kind of left reading alone but I really used to love it and I want to start reading on an evening again so I decided to start carrying my Kindle around with me to try and get back into reading as it's not too heavy to carry around in my bag and it's such a compact thing so I don't even realise it's in my bag which is always a good thing. So let's get into the books I decided to pick up and try and read which I'm happy with them all so far.

  Just Friends by Billy Taylor- So I saw this book all over Twitter and decided to have a look on Amazon to see what this story was about and I was just so intrigued I decided to order it and it's basically about two friends who have been friends since they were seven and it shows you how much they've been through in ten years and they decide they may be more than friends. I just feel this book will make me fall in love with the story so I'm far too excited to get round to this book.
  Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines- I had seen this book all over YouTube so again I had a look on Amazon and it was so sale so I picked it up and I have to say the story is a little different than I was expecting but I feel like I will love this book. One of the main characters has some issues including his dad is dying and he hasn't told anyone but he meets a new girl who's there for the summer and she's also hiding a secret from everyone and they share a connection. I just feel this book will shock me but I will definitely enjoy reading this which I've started it and I'm loving it so far.
  Did I Mention I Miss You?- Estelle Maskame- This book is the third book in the DIMILY series and I've loved both of the books in the series so far so I knew I needed to pick this up when it came out and it wasn't too expensive so I picked it up. I haven't looked into the story line as I just feel like I want to go into this book not knowing the story as I prefer these books when I go into them blind.
  Wasted Words by Staci Hart- This book was one of this Kindle books which are on sale and they are the like more predictable contemporary books but I feel like I will enjoy these as it's a romantic comedy and I always seem to enjoy those kind of books. Again I haven't looked into the story line as I don't feel like I will get round to this book yet but it was so inexpensive so I picked it up but I will definitely get round to it soon.

  So I haven't purchased loads of Kindle books at the moment as I just want to slowly get myself back into reading so I wanted to just pick up a few which I knew I wanted to read and I feel these were good books to start with so I'm excited to make time for reading and get back into it. I will probably keep picking Kindle books up each payday as I like to look at books on Amazon but I feel like I wont pick up too many as I know I wont get round to them if I have a long to be read pile so I will let my to read list go down before I pick up anymore books but I do love Kindle books as they are so cheap to purchase on Amazon which is always a good thing when you want to pick up a few books at a time.
Have you read any of these books?

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