Sunday, 23 October 2016

Weekly Summary #70

(Weekly Summary 17/10-23/10)

  Monday- I woke up at half six and just laid with Luke for a while until he got up for work. Luke had headed to work so I made my breakfast with a cup of tea and headed upstairs to make my bed and quickly tidy the bedroom before I got all my make-up together and set everything on my bed to start getting ready. I watched a YouTube video whilst I was getting ready. Once we set off we took my little brother to school and headed to work. Work was very busy today and it went really quick which was nice. After work I did my lunch for work and ironed my clothes for work before we headed to the library to hand our books in and my little brother had to do his homework. We headed home and had tea which was jacket potato with a side salad and it was lovely. I then decided to change my bag and then just watch TV for the rest of the evening. Once Luke was in he ate his tea and we ended up just laying in bed for the rest of the night which I ended up falling asleep quite earlier.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and again just laid with Luke and he got up to start getting ready. I was starving this morning so I decided on porridge with a cup of tea. I got ready watching YouTube videos and I was quite happy with my make-up today. I decided on a cosy outfit with my boots as it's starting to get a lot colder which I'm happy about. We dropped my brother off to school and went for petrol which traffic was so bad so I only just made it to work. Work was so busy again so the day flew and I was so busy but I enjoy it. After work I felt a little too sick so I decided to just do my stuff for work then I had my tea which was spaghetti Bolognese and it was lovely but it didn't make me feel any better. I wasn't going to do much tonight but I decided to try get some blog stuff done. I don't really have much motivation at the moment for my blog but I think that's just cause I'm waiting on my new camera and stuff like that. I got a few bits done and still wasn't feeling great. Once Luke was home he warmed his tea up and I made myself a hot drink and we just headed to bed for most of the night we were just cuddling and watching TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and headed for the shower before getting back into the warmth until I decided to get up. Work was very busy today as everyone was preparing for the event we were having on Thursday so I was making sure all my work was up to date. After work I decided to do my lunch and have my tea which was pizza and chips before I opened my parcel which was my new camera I'm so excited to start learning how to use it properly. I decided to head to Tesco as I need a few bits for myself and I actually picked up my 2017 dairies which is making me feel very organised. Once we got back I put all my shopping away and decided to just get changed and relax for the rest of the evening until I had to go pick Luke up. Once we got back we just watched TV in bed for the rest of the evening.

  Thursday- I woke up around six and started getting ready as I needed to be at work a little earlier today. I set off around half seven to get to work and once I was there I headed to the toilet and waited until everyone arrived before we set off which was around a forty five minute drive up to Yarm which we then got into our protective clothing to walk round site which I found so interesting and the show house was so lovely! We headed to the hotel where lunch was happening which we got lost but found it in the end. We head speeches and presentation with tea and coffee before we had lunch and dessert. We headed back to the office which didn't take too long and once we were back we all headed home early which was nice. Once I was home I did my lunch and my clothes for work before I needed to place the Avon order which didn't take me too long. I had my tea before Luke came home which for the rest of the evening we just laid and caught up on the TV.

  Friday- I woke up at five with the worst headache and the room spinning so that's definitely not how I wanted to start Friday. I got up at half six and had a shower but it didn't really help me but once Luke had headed to work I made my breakfast which was porridge and a cup of tea and headed upstairs to start getting ready and take some tablets. I just listened to music this morning whilst I got ready but I really enjoyed it. It was 'Stand Up For Cancer' so I wore something orange and we had events happening all day. Work was busy again and the day definitely flew but I didn't get half of my to-do list done at all. Once I was home I decided to get changed and test my new camera out which wasn't the best idea as the lighting had gone. I decided to order a Domino's for tea to try to cheer myself up as I just didn't feel great. I got some of my blog stuff done before we just watched a film for the rest of the evening.

  Saturday- I woke up around nine and just laid cuddling Luke for a while before I got up and made my breakfast with a cup of tea before I fed Rocky. We stayed in bed most of the morning watching YouTube videos which it was nice just to relax for a while. I decided to start cleaning the bedroom as it needed a good clean so I decided to do that which it looked lovely once it was all clean. I took Luke to his mums before I came back and had a cup of tea with some biscuits and caught up on YouTube as I'm so behind on my subscriptions. I then decided to test my new camera out as I bought myself the Canon 600D and I haven't tested it yet so I took some bulk pictures for some future blog posts. They turned out a lot better than I was expecting which is good. I came back down with my laptop to get some of my blog stuff done and made myself a cup of coffee. I then ordered Chinese for me, my mum and my little brother. I decided to catch up on YouTube again whilst I waited for the Chinese. I then decided to change my bag to my backpack even though I don't like using it as it makes me look a lot younger than I am because of my height. I ate the Chinese and watched some TV with my mum before I picked Luke back up. I made him something to eat once we were home before we headed upstairs which we spent the night watching a film whilst the candles were burning.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine and me and Luke just cuddled for a while before I got up for breakfast which I decided on some cereal as I didn't fancy a cup of tea. We stayed in bed for a little bit watching TV before we got up and started getting ready. We did our lunches for work and I got my clothes sorted for work before me and Luke headed to B&M as he needed to hand some paperwork in for his mum and I had a look round and picked up a few things- I picked up two new Febreze candles in Vanilla Latte and Toasted Almond they smell amazing! We then headed to Luke's mums for a little bit before we headed home and had dinner which was steak pie, chips and peas. We then headed to Tesco with my mum to have a look round the pound shops and look in Tesco until our engines cooled down then we topped up our oil, water etc in the cars. We then went and did our tyres before heading home. I put all the shopping away before I took Luke to his mums. I came back and cleaned my car before I ran myself a bath and relaxed for a while. I dried my hair and changed my bag before going to KFC with my mum, dad and Aiden. Once I came back I did some blog stuff and watched YouTube until Luke wanted picking up. Once he was home he warmed his dinner up and I decided to have a cup of tea and a bun. We decided to watch a film for the rest of the evening.
How was your week?

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