Sunday, 30 October 2016

Weekly Summary #71

(Weekly Summary 24/10-30/10)

  Monday- I woke up at six to Luke going to the toilet but I honestly thought it was the weekend. We laid cuddling until Luke had to get up for work and I went to make breakfast which I had porridge. Once Luke headed out for work I made myself a cup of tea and started getting ready watching YouTube. Work was so busy today as I was doing figures and they didn't even match so in the end I decided to leave it until tomorrow. After work I did my lunch and sorted my clothes out for work tomorrow. I had my tea which was jacket potato and salad before I got changed into my pj's and got my laptop to do some blog stuff and I decided to treat myself to a new kindle book. Once Luke was home I made myself a hot drink and headed upstairs to watch TV all cosy in bed with the candles on. 

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and headed for the shower which I could of happily stayed in bed since it was so dark outside but I still got a quick shower and headed to wake Luke up. I made my breakfast and took it upstairs to catch up on YouTube videos whilst I got ready. Once I was ready me and my mum headed to work which it was so busy as I had so much to get done but I did get my figures to match then carried on catching up on everything. I got home and did my lunch for work before I sorted my clothes for work then I had my tea whilst watching some YouTube videos. I decided to sort through my Christmas presents to see what else I needed to buy which I'm nearly done which is good. I then sorted through my new Avon book for my next order which again involves Christmas presents. Luke then came home so we just watched YouTube videos and TV for the rest of the evening whilst we got cosy in bed.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and made sure Luke was up before I just tidied the room whilst I waited for Luke to get ready. Once he had headed to work I made my breakfast and started getting ready whilst watching YouTube videos. I was ready a little earlier so I just sat downstairs until we headed to work. Work was busy again and I just wanted to get up to date with everything so I got on with it. After work I headed to Halfords as I needed some oil for my car then headed to B&M for some more presents. Once we got home I made my lunch for work and ironed my clothes before I had my tea. Luke came in and decided to play his Xbox for a bit so I read my book for a while which was nice. I then made us both a drink and we got cosy watching a film.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and just laid cuddling Luke until he got up for work, I think the dark mornings are making it harder for the both of us to get up but once I was up I made the bed and just sat with Luke until he set off. I made some porridge for breakfast and took it upstairs to start getting ready whilst I watched some YouTube videos. We headed to work and I spent most of the day just catching up on stuff as I'm nearly up to date with all my work again which is nice. Once I got home I decided to get my lunch and clothes for work done before I got my laptop to get back up to date with blog stuff tonight as I've left it for a while. I then had my tea before I made myself a cup of tea and catch up with YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he had tea too before we watched a film for the rest of the evening.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and headed to get a quick shower to wash my hair. I made sure Luke was up and I made the bed and tidied the room whilst he was getting ready. Luke headed to work so I decided to make my breakfast which was porridge and I then headed upstairs to start getting ready. I caught up on YouTube videos whilst I did my makeup and hair this morning. James Arthur's new album came out today so I had a listen to that on the way to work. Work was a little busy today so the day flew by and we decided to have a pub lunch which I decided on a lasagna which was so lovely! We got back and I just caught up on everything else for the rest of the day. After work I tried to take some blog photos but the lighting wasn't great so hopefully they turn out okay and we headed to B&M did me, my mum and Aiden. I picked some more Christmas presents up so I'm nearly done. We got back and I did a little bit of blog stuff and caught up on YouTube before I went and picked Luke up. Once we were back I made myself a hot drink and cuddled up in bed with my kindle for a bit whilst Luke played on his Xbox.

  Saturday- I woke up at half eight to Luke coming back from the toilet and he shut the door as Leo was chasing after him so I woke up to the door getting shut. We just laid in bed talking to each other before we got up and I made some breakfast whilst Luke helped my mum get everything out of our outside building as my mum was decorating it. I decided to sort through my post as some was Christmas presents so I put them in my hiding places. I then ironed my clothes and Luke's before I washed my hair and then I started getting ready. Luke washed his hair and also got ready before we headed to the hairdressers. Luke got his haircut and we went to get some food before we went to Luke's mums before we got the bus into town which I went into Lush and Primark which Luke treated me to some bath bombs and some jumpers from Primark which was so lovely. He picked up some clothes and I bought him some Vans before we headed to get a milkshake and we headed back to his mums where we stayed for a few hours before we came home. Luke started to get ready as he was heading into town tonight whilst I ate my tea and cleaned all the stuff away. Once Luke headed out I got my laptop and caught up on YouTube and blogging for the night with a cup of tea and the candles burning in bed- It was the perfect 'me' time. I then started watching a film before I turned everything off and headed to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at five to realise Luke wasn't in and I found out he was staying at his friends which was fine but I had really bad stomach cramps so I couldn't fall back to sleep so I decided to just sit up and watch 90210 on Netflix which I ended up getting up around eight and I sat with my mum and had breakfast before I decided to get everything done. I cleaned my bedroom and make-up brushes before I ironed my clothes for work and did mine and Luke's lunches for work before I took some blog photos. I then decided to get a quick shower before I made myself a cup of tea and some toast and watched some YouTube videos. I edited the photo's for my blog before I decided to leave blogging for today so I decided to play Sims as I haven't played it in so long. Luke came home and let's say he still looked drunk so he got a shower and spent most of the night asleep so I decided to just read my book for most of the evening with a cup of tea which was a lovely end to the weekend.
How was your week?

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