Wednesday, 2 November 2016

10 Things I Love About Autumn

Hello Everyone!
  So I did this post in October last year and feel I should keep a tradition now and do one each time Autumn comes around just declaring my love for the season which is Autumn.
  1. Candles- I love candles all year round but when Autumn arrives I seem to burn my candles a lot more. I have to say I mainly use max melts and only have a selection of actual candles but they definitely get burnt more when it comes to Autumn plus the Autumn scents are such lovely scents.
  2. Reading- So when Autumn comes around I seem to pick my reading hobby back up as the darker nights come round and I just love getting into a good book with a hot drink on an evening.
  3. Cosy Nights In- So when the darker nights come round and the cold weather starts I love nothing more than spending my evenings inside with a fleece blanket, Comfy clothes and a hot drink with a film on in the background- Bliss.
  4. Halloween- So since I've gotten older I've started to get excited when Halloween comes around and the decorations start arriving in the shops. I kind of hated Halloween when I was younger but now I just love when Halloween comes around and I spend the evening answering the door to the children, Watching films and drinking a hot drink so I wouldn't have it any way.
5. Bonfire Night- I have always loved Bonfire night as I just feel the atmosphere is always so nice on the evening. I love a good fire with fireworks and always love the food which happens on Bonfire night so it's definitely one of those events I love when Autumn comes round.
  6. Hot Drinks- So I seem to drink more hot chocolate and more seasonal drink when Autumn gets here as I enjoy having a hot drink on an evening before I go to bed or when I'm watching TV and I always pick up the seasonal drinks when they arrive in store and a gingerbread latte is always a bonus to me when they start arriving in store. Also a hot drink is always good with a good book.
  7. Scenery- One reason which I think everyone loves Autumn is the changes of the scenery I just love when the leaves start to change colour and the trees are bare for a while I just find myself feeling more content when I start seeing this outside and when the evenings get darker much earlier.
  8. Cardigans/Jumpers- I love a good cosy jumper or big cardigan when the weather starts to change and most of my wardrobe is full of cardigans/jumpers so when Autumn comes I'm prepared.
  9. Rainy Days- So I love rain but mainly when I'm inside and I just love a good rainy day where you just stay inside watching films and eating as much as you can I just love these days. 
  10. My Mood- When Autumn comes round for some reason my mood is always on a high as I just love this part of the year so much so I feel my mood is always happy and I hardly have any days where I'm feeling fed up or annoying so I like that and I'm sure everyone around me does too.
What's your favourite things about Autumn?

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