Monday, 7 November 2016

A Funny Old Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening so I'm here to do my little ramble about all things Megan so let's get into this one as I feel it may be a little bit of a ramble which may go on for a while. (I suggest a cup of tea and some spare time!)
  So last week was a funny old week (Hench the title of this post!) I found out some personal news on the early morning on Monday which just threw my anxiety and feelings all over the place and include my period into this- I was a mess. I just up on Monday evening and carried my day on like normal I had a little cry and then took myself off to work for the week. I just felt so anxious and insecure last week I don't understand how I dropped so quickly as I've been doing really well recently. I just felt drained and secluded as I just wanted to keep myself to myself. I just wanted to spend my days in bed with my own company and a good book but work will always be the thing which comes first. I have to say I love my job but some weeks you just wish you could decide when to leave your bed and when to spend a full day in bed catching up on Netflix. I have to say this situation has made me such a stronger person- Again. I know what I want from certain things in life now and I know what to do if I'm not happy. I feel like I needed a week of just feeling sorry for myself which resulted in no blog posts scheduled and I spend most of my time watching YouTube videos or reading but you know what it was lovely. I feel like I needed some time to myself but I just wish it was under different circumstances. I will say this though the events which have happened in the past week has made me realise what I have and what I take for granted and I feel like I have a different outlook at certain things at the moment but again I wish it was under different circumstances. At the moment I just feel lost like I'm trying to catch up with myself but I can never keep up, I just feel empty at the moment but I know in the future I will be back to myself I just need to realise not to put my whole trust into someone if they wont give me the same back- Another lesson learnt for Megan, I'll learn one day.
Have a lovely week!

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