Wednesday, 30 November 2016

December Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my December goals with you as I did with my November ones which I will let you know how I went on with those in this post but let's get into them;
So I'll start by saying how November went in terms out my November goals which are HERE. So in November I said I was going to save which didn't happen as I had a few unexpected bills which is adult life so I'm thinking of starting this in the new year now so I don't feel as stressed. I said I would stick to a blogging schedule and have more peaceful nights watching Netflix or reading my book which I did stick to this and I feel one hundred percent better for having some me time on an evening. I said I would treat myself in November which I definitely did and it was a lovely change. I said I would get more motivated with my blog and only recently has this happened but I'm so excited to get back into my blog. My last one was to have an eating plan which has slightly happened so I did kind of achieve this but that's more of a long winded process.
Now onto my December goals;
  • Be Grateful - So recently I've realised I take a lot of things for granted and this month I just want to start been grateful for certain things in my life like my family, friends and the smaller things in life.
  • Stop Worrying - This month I want to try and stop worrying about small things which mean nothing as I'm someone who worries about everything and everyone and sometimes it can just make things worse so I'm hoping I can ease myself away from worrying as much.
  • Get Into The Christmas Spirit - So it's December and I want to get into the Christmas spirit as much as I can which I mean I've been in the spirit since August but I want this Christmas to be lovely so I'm going to do everything to get into the spirit ready for Christmas.
  • Read More - So reading was one of my hobbies which I did religiously daily but over the years it's faded into a once a month kind of thing so I'm wanting to really get back into it this month.
  • Get Myself In Front - I mean this in more of a general aspect of the month but mainly involving my blog as I want to get back in front with my scheduled posts which I have taken a lot of pictures in bulk so I should be okay for posts. I also mean money as recently I've been trying to get myself in front with money but bills or other things have come in the way which is annoying but I guess that's life. As I said saving for a deposit has taken a step back until next year now so my main priority is to get my bank money in front again so I always have some spare.
Do you have any goals for December?


  1. Great goals this month! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thankyou! :) Hopefully I will stick to these goals this month!
      Thanks for reading xo