Monday, 28 November 2016

How I Wish I Was Young Again!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and I'm back again to have a little chat on my blog, I'm starting to get back into the swing of blogging which is nice as I finally feel like I'm getting back into my little routine- I'm all about having a routine to follow so let's hope I can get back to it.
   So I decided to have a little chat to whoever actually reads my blog and I'm hoping we can have a chat in the comments, So recently I've been wishing I was back to been small and having no worries at all. When I was younger all I wanted was to be old enough to have responsibilities and be independent but now I know it's not all that great once you start getting older. So this year has been a little rocky for me but also a lot of good things have happened for me this year- My job been one of them as I love my job and it's one of the things which just keeps me going when I feel low. This year I said I wanted to start saving for a deposit for my first house which I mean I'm in no rush to get this money together but I need to make a start don't I? It's nearly the end of the year and nothing has been saved as I've either needed it or an emergency or I've just used it on something else so I'm hoping next year I will start saving and actually have a total at the end of next year even if it's only small I will be proud of myself without a doubt. Another thing which comes when your older is bills, bills and more bills. My car insurance is a big chunk of my monthly wage which hopefully will go down next year but I have other bills like my phone contract, Road tax and the list goes on. I just feel like my money goes nowhere recently which I have to say I do treat myself from time to time but I feel like I'm drowning every month trying to make sure I'm saving, paying bills and keeping some aside just in case I need it. I'm wondering if this is just me not budgeting properly or if there's more people than just me who are struggling monthly? If anyone has any on tips on how to budget their money or anything like that then please leave me a comment explaining what you do it would definitely be a massive help to me, Even if your saving how do you save monthly without been tempted to touch it? I honestly need any help at the moment but I'm hoping this month I can get back on track with it all and then in a couple of months I'll be sorted again (I can only hope right now!)
Have a lovely week!

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