Friday, 18 November 2016

My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would do a few Autumnal posts as I did them last year and I really enjoy doing them, I also bought some new props for Autumn so I knew I needed to get these into my pictures for my blog.
  Although I'm quite pale I do still tend to wear the darker shades as they just fit the season and I love a good dark lipstick. Even if they don't suit me I love to wear them so I always do no matter if someone says "Those dark lipsticks don't suit your skin tone" so I picked six lipsticks which I love.
  The first three lipsticks I decided to add into this post was two of the colour sensational lipsticks from Maybelline and a lipstick from Max Factor which I adore so I'll start with the Max Factor one which is in the shade 853 Chilli which I have to say I've had this lipstick for quite a while now but I just love this for the Autumn months as it's a lovely red berry shade with gold shimmer running throughout it which I really love. I have to say it's a very moisturising formula so it's definitely not drying on my lips- I will always wear this shade when it gets to Autumn. The next two lipsticks are the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks which the first one is 323 I love plum which looks like a slight red shade on the picture but when I apply it on my lips it's a lovely deep red shade which is a lot more natural than the Max Factor one which I do like. This lipstick also has shimmer throughout it too but I love the formula of the colour sensational lipsticks. The next shade is 625 Iced Caramel which is a more brown/nude shade which some days I prefer more natural shades so I always tend to reach for this one as it's a lovely nude shade. The colour sensational lipsticks are by far my favourite.
   The next three lipsticks I decided to add into this post are the more recent lipsticks which I've added to my collection but I feel like I will definitely wear these this year. All these are from Avon and I have to say I love Avon's quality of their make-up so I know I will love these when I wear them. The first one is from the 'Girls Collection' which is for people just starting with make-up but I have to say I love those lipsticks from that range so I wanted to try the new shades. This one is Wild Plum which is a very dark plum shade which this is the darkest shade I own but I love this on me and I know I will definitely get my use out of it. The next shade is from their matte range which they say is better than MAC which I can agree as I love these lipsticks. This lipstick is in the shade Mauve Matters which this looks like a pink shade in the picture and bullet but when I apply this to my lips it's a bright red shade which I didn't expect but I do love it when it's on and with it been a matte finish I love it even more. The last one is from the same range as the first lipstick but in the shade Abstract Raspberry which this shade is definitely out of my comfort zone as it's a bright pink shade but for some reason I really want to wear this shade this Autumn so I'll definitely give it a go this year.
What do you wear when it comes to Autumn?


  1. Lovely picks! These shades are so pretty and perfect for Autumn :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thankyou! I feel like I stick to 'Safe' shades for Autumn but I've picked a few different ones this year which is nice! Thanks for reading
      Meg xo