Friday, 25 November 2016

Wax Melts Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So I'm one of those people who prefer the wax tarts to actual candles and I picked up some new wax melts which I'm really happy with and feel like I need to share these with you all.
  So I bought an electric burner from Yankee Candle a while back now as I just liked the idea of it been electric rather than using a tealight candle as I just never ended up burning them when I used the tealight burners. I saw Tesco had brought a new range out ready for autumn so I decided to have a look at the range and I picked quite a few up and I'm so happy with how inexpensive they are.
  So the first three sets I picked up are the larger style of the wax melts which you actually get six little wax melts and they are £2.50 for these which I think is so inexpensive they are definitely worth the money and I have to say all the scents smell amazing so I can't wait to actually get round to burning these. The first two are from the Autumn range and the first one is Gingerbread Latte which smells so lovely and it smells identical to my Nescafe gingerbread latte sachets which I have downstairs. The next scent I picked up was Chocolate Orange which is by far my favourite I picked up and it smells exactly like a Terry's Chocolate Orange so I definitely cannot wait to burn this in my room. The last scent I picked up was Spring Fresh which I think is the more Spring range and these were reduced to £1.50 so I decided to put these away for Spring next year as they smell like such a clean scent which is something I prefer in the Spring time of the year- Over the moon with these.
  The next two scents I picked up was the smaller wax melts which you get three little wax melts for £1.00 each which is so inexpensive and if your wanting to try a scent out this is the best way. The two scents I picked up was Fluffy Marshmallow which smells so divine and sweet I'd definitely say this is my next favourite from the chocolate orange ones above. The next scent I picked up was Warming Fireside  and I wanted to pick this up to see if it smelt anything like the Yankee Candle one but I have to say I think I prefer this scent a lot more and for the price it's definitely the better option.
  Although I have fallen in love with the Tesco wax melts I have to say I will also buy some of the Yankee Candle ones as the scents are just incredible and I know I will always like the scents from them. I do have a lot of scents I stay clear from but I know which ones I like from Yankee Candle so I always know which to pick up when they bring out new ones. The first one I picked up was in the scent Autumn Night which I actually picked this up off Ebay as the Yankee Candle had sold out of this scent and I really wanted to try it. I have to say this scent is very musky which is something I like when it comes to scents and it smells exactly like a men's aftershave. The next scent I picked up was Forbidden Apple  as it's one of the new Halloween scents and I always pick up the Halloween ones as it's my favourite time of the year. This smells so sweet and delicious I really can't wait to burn it but I do feel it may be a little strong. It reminds me exactly of the sour chewit sweets (Anyone remember them?) But I can't wait to burn all of the wax melts I've recently bought I definitely don't need anymore for a long time- I'll definitely pick some more up when more comes out.
Do you recommend any scents?

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