Sunday, 27 November 2016

Weekly Summary #73

(Weekly Summary 21/11- 27/11)

  Monday- I woke up at seven and decided to drag myself out of bed and turn all the lights on to try wake myself up. I made my bed and headed down in my fluffy robe to make some breakfast which I decided on a cup of tea and some porridge. I got ready watching YouTube videos before we headed to work. I didn't feel too great today as I had really bad stomach cramps so I think I have some kind of stomach bug. I was so busy today at work though so the day flew by and for lunch I had a jacket potato with beans and cheese which was lovely. After work I didn't feel too great so I decided to have my tea which was omelette and salad before I had a lovely hot shower and dried my hair whilst I burnt some candles. I decided to spend the rest of the evening watching YouTube and catching up on my blog stuff as I've had quite a while away from my blog. Once I was in bed I decided to watch some Netflix until I was tired which I then got myself into bed.

  Tuesday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before I got all my make-up out onto my bed. I headed down for a cup of tea as my throat was a little sore (I really hope I'm not starting with cold!) I headed back upstairs to start getting ready whilst I drank my cup of tea. I decided to catch up on YouTube whilst I was doing my make-up. My hair was just annoying me so I decided to tie it up into a bun before I finished getting ready. Work was so hectic today as I have a few days off next week so I need to make sure everything is up to date so I just cracked on with it before having little breaks to make a cup of tea for myself and my boss. Lunch I decided on jacket potato again as I really enjoyed it yesterday so I knew I'd enjoy it again plus it fills me for the day then. After work I did my lunch for work and sorted my clothes out before I got into some comfy clothes and had my tea which was beef curry. I then headed out for the evening to see Luke before I headed home and made myself a cup of tea and relaxed in front of the TV for a while. Once I was ready to bed I got into my pj's, took my make-up off and headed to bed for the night.

  Wednesday- I woke up at seven and could feel my cold getting worse which made me wake up in a terrible mood so I headed down to make myself a cup of tea before I started to get ready whilst catching up on some weekly vlogs on YouTube. I just really couldn't be bothered with my make-up or hair today so I opted for a basic make-up look and my classic bun. Work was so hectic again and everyone is just so busy at the moment but we all needed a bit of sugar so I went on the sweet run to pick up some sweets for the office but it was freezing so I rushed back to the warmth once I had the sweets. After work we had a plumper in as we had a leak in the kitchen so I decided to just relax until I could run myself a lovely hot bath to try and ease my cold which if anything it made it worse. I decided to get some blog stuff done with a hot chocolate before heading to bed. I decided to watch some YouTube videos on my Ipad before reading my book and heading to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at seven and headed down for a cup of tea as I had a sore throat again this morning so I took some tablets and started getting ready. I caught up on YouTube whilst I got ready and headed to work. This week has been crazy at work which may be because I've been catching up with everything but I seem to be getting more and more work so in a way I've only just been catching up on stuff but hopefully it's all done by the beginning of next week. After work I sorted my lunch for Friday and had my tea before I headed to Luke's as he was putting a lock on his door so I went down to help him and spend some time with him. I headed home and made myself a cup of tea and sat with my mum and dad for a bit before I headed upstairs to get cosy and read my book for a while.

  Friday- I woke up at six and decided to just lay in bed catching up on social media before I got up at seven as I thought I'd be more awake when I needed to get up. It was a bad idea as I wanted to stay in bed when it got round to seven. I went and made breakfast before I headed to start getting ready which in a way I was in front with time this morning but my eyes just wouldn't stop watering so I couldn't do my make-up for a while so I ended up having to rush to make sure I was ready in time. Work again was so hectic but I got most of my work done today which made me feel a lot better. It was payday today which was good so I treated myself to a few things which I had been eyeing up on Depop but for some reason I disabled my online banking so I need to wait for my pin to come through the post before I can set that up again. I ended my day by chatting to a few of the girls in one of the offices and before I knew it five o'clock had come round and it was home time. I headed home and my cold had suddenly gotten worse so I decided a bath was definitely needed so once Luke got to mine he just sat in the bathroom whilst I chilled out. We spent the evening in bed with a chinese watching TV before we went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at eight to Luke heading to the toilet which I then decided to get up and sort myself out and take some tablets as I had horrible period cramps and a banging headache. I got back into bed with Luke and we cuddled until we fell back asleep until eleven but I definitely felt better for it as I felt more rested. We relaxed in bed for most of the morning before Luke headed back to his mums as he had been paid and needed to pay some of his bills so I decided to get dressed and have a walk up to Tesco to treat myself to a few bits which were mainly essentials like deodorant and some shampoo and conditioner but I saw a lovely cardigan which Luke asked me to pick up as one of my Christmas presents. I walked back to mine and decided to have something to eat which I decided on Spag Bol with some cheese- It was lovely. Luke headed back to ours and around half eight we headed up to Tesco again as Luke wanted to buy a TV for his bedroom so he picked that up and a soundbar before I saw some more clothes which again Luke picked up as Christmas presents and he also picked up one of the giftsets as they were some good offers. I picked up some straighteners as they were on sale but I'm taking them back I think. We headed home and for the rest of the evening we just cuddled in bed until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at nine and my head was banging but I'm full of cold so Luke gave me some cuddles before I got up for some breakfast and some tablets. Most of the morning we just listened to music before I got up and did my lunch for work and cleaned the bedroom. I got a shower and washed my make-up brushes before I put some comfy clothes on and we headed to Luke's so he could sort his bedroom out and set his TV and stuff up. We sorted all that out before he came back with me so he could pick his bike up for work. I had my dinner before I was going to wash my car but decided against it as it was too cold. I changed my bag and purse before I headed downstairs to make myself some porridge. I then decided to catch up on blog stuff as I had taken some pictures on Saturday. I then made myself a caramel cappuccino before I put a pizza in the oven. I decided to catch up on YouTube videos. Once it came round to bedtime I decided to head up to bed to get cosy and watch some Netflix in bed before I read some of my book and fell asleep.
How was your week?

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