Monday, 12 December 2016


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and I'm here again to do my little ramble... Feel free to get a cup of tea before continuing, I'd also recommend some biscuits with your cup of tea.
  First off for these Monday posts I've decided to just pick photography I really like to use for the picture but I get all my pictures from - which it's a free site but the photography is incredible so the picture may not always be part of my ramble but it's pretty! So this week it's like the countdown to Christmas for me which I know I have a while before Christmas but it goes a lot quicker than you think which I'm all done for this year so I can just sit back and enjoy the festive season which is definitely a change for me as I'm normally last minute! (Not this year!) I get quite a few days off with the company I now work for which is nice so I will definitely enjoy the time off. So the past week I've just been enjoying my spare time either catching up on Vlogmas as there's so many people doing it this year and I'm only just keeping on top of my subscriptions but definitely enjoying them all. I've also been getting back into listening to music as I kind of drifted away from listening to music but I've been getting into all the bands and artists I liked before and it's been lovely and it's been making me so happy! I ordered a new diary for 2017 which I do have my Kate Spade one but I wanted one which I could use on a daily basis and carry around with me so I decided on a Paperchase one which I think I may do a blog post about but I'm so excited to get organised and ready for the new year! As for next year I just feel like I want to get more into my blogging game, I really want to start YouTube but I just don't feel like I have enough confidence to sit in front of a camera and talk but I'd love to do it! 2017 is also going to be the year I get my head down and start saving... House deposit and all but I'm just going to take it in my stride and get organised and hope it all sorts itself out which we will see what happens - I don't feel like I've been very festive on my blog at this time of the year but I just didn't plan my props properly for Christmas whereas I planned Autumn posts with props which I loved how they turned out but for now let's forget all our worries and countdown to Christmas... It will be here in no time!
Have a lovely week!

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