Friday, 30 December 2016

December Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing a few things I've been loving in the month of December.
  December has been such a lovely month for me and every year I feel I enjoy December so much more but this year I did all my Christmas shopping a lot earlier in the year but I got myself in the festive spirit wrapping presents this month with Christmas music and as always Luke leaves his shopping till the last minute so we always do a mad dash but I always know it's Christmas then- I'm just so excited for everyone to open their presents as I feel I've done really well this year and I've been thoughtful with everything I've bought which is a nice feeling. This month consisted of working, shopping and relaxing which is always nice and this month I made my first luxury purchase which was also really nice as I've been wanting to make a purchase like this for a while so I'm so glad I finally treated myself. Let's get into the things I've been loving this month.
  Nars Blush In Oasis - This is one of my favourite blushes in my collection but for some reason I always seem to just put it away and never use it so this month I made sure I used this everyday and I just love the shade of this colour as it's not too pink but adds a nice rosy tint to my cheeks which I really love, I will definitely be picking up more shades soon.
  Sleek Highlighting Palette In Solstice - This is one of my favourite highlighter palettes which is why I asked Luke to get me one for Christmas but I just adore the packaging and how pigmented the highlighter shades actually are, I wasn't really into highlighting until recently and now I make sure to do it every day. I would definitely recommend this palette if you haven't picked it up yet.
  Cherry Almond Sparkle Body Butter - I picked this up in my local pound shop as it smelt so delicious and I needed a new body butter but I just can't get over how amazing this smells and I've made sure it always apply this after a bath or shower so I'd definitely recommend this.
  Imperial Leather Marsh Mallow Shower Gel - I saw this all over Instagram and knew I needed to find this shower gel which I found in Tesco reduced to 50p and I was so happy! It smells so sweet and delicious again I love using this in the bath and shower but I also feel like it's just one of those products where I feel 10 times better once I've used it- Definitely going to repurchase.
  The Body Shop Hand Cream in Frosted Plum - I was in the need of a new hand cream which I seem to collect hand creams for some reason but I decided to give this one a try as I've always wanted to try one for The Body Shop and I just love the scent and everything of this hand cream which it's only a small tube but I will definitely use all of this up before the beginning of next year.
  Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - So I know this isn't a winter scent as it's more for Autumn but I know how much I love this scent and I knew I wouldn't get through the full thing before the end of Autumn so I decided to keep using it until I run out then I will repurchase a new one but I just love having this in my bag to apply when I feel like my hands need a good clean, The bottle is only tiny so it fits in my handbag perfectly.
  Avon Supreme Length Mascara - So I picked this up as I needed a new mascara and first off the packaging just drew me to this product but then the idea of it having coconut in the formula just made me intrigued to see if I actually liked the mascara and I love it. I love how much length this mascara gives me but it just makes my lashes look incredible I would definitely recommend this.
  Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in 06 Soft Nude - This is an old favourite of mine and I found my love for it again, I just love the finish this gives to me lips as it's matte but I'm not going to lie my lips look amazing when I have this on and I'm not very fond of my lips if I'm honest but the formula of this isn't drying or anything like that and I just reapply during the day to keep the colour there and it's a lovely brown toned nude and I just apply this over my lipstick and it's perfect.
  Rimmel Lip Liner in Tiramisu - This lip liner was a purchase towards the end of November but I fell in love with the shade and decided to keep using it this month, It's a lovely brown shade and I feel like it's a perfect colour to have underneath the lipstick shade which I will talk about in a second but these two products and the Essence lipgloss work like a dream.
  Essence Lipstick in 05 Cool Nude - These are the matte collection lipsticks from Essence which I adore and I just love the packaging of these but this shade is just a perfect everyday shade as it's a lovely brown toned nude and it just looks lovely on my lips and again with the Essence lipgloss over the top it's lovely, I do reapply this throughout the day but that's just so it keeps the colour on my lips.
  The Polar Express - So it's December which means Christmas Eve and that means it's polar express time, I watch this every Christmas Eve and that's when I truly know it's Christmas when I'm in my pj's with a hot chocolate watching this film. I'm not going to actually talk about the film as I'm just going to say watch it! It just one of those traditions which I love and I will carry on doing it for every Christmas Eve until I get bored of it which I highly doubt I will - Love it!
What was your favourites in December?

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