Monday, 5 December 2016

December Is Here!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and I'm here to do my little ramble which happens every week on my blog but this week I decided to do it around it been December now.
  So the first thing that goes through my mind is where did this year go?! I don't understand how it's December already but I have to say I am in the Christmas mood now, I picked up a Christmas jumper last week ready for work which I don't normally wear Christmas jumpers but I actually do like it. I've only got a few presents to wrap now then I'm completely done which is why I'm not stressing as much as I normally would be. Recently Luke has been picking up my Christmas presents which is always exciting for me because Luke is very thoughtful with his gifts but also I get to pick most of them as Luke prefers me to tell him exactly what I want so he doesn't struggle which is fine by me so I always help him pick the presents. I finish work on the 23rd which isn't too bad and we don't go back until the 3rd January so I'm excited for the little break which will be nice. I haven't asked for much this year as I don't really want much apart from the odd little bits and bobs. Vlogmas is always something which gets me into the Christmas spirit so I've loved watching the 1st Vlogmas vlogs from people I watch on YouTube and I've loved it so far so I'm so excited to carry on watching them. I'm currently full of cold so I'm trying my best to get it cleared up before I go back to work. This is only a quick little ramble about December but I just feel like I need to get caught up on everything including personal stuff but also stuff to do with my blog so I'm excited to get it sorted and get back up to date.
Have a lovely week!

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