Friday, 23 December 2016

My Top Three Perfumes

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my top three perfumes of the moment, I feel as though I've got back into my perfumes recently meaning I'm always on the hunt for my next favourite.
  So my perfume collection isn't the biggest but I'm trying to get more staple scents and just make a collection like that so I know they will get used properly which I feel as though I have a good selection at the moment, I'm not someone who goes for high end scents but I may start branching out.
  The first perfume I've been loving at the moment is one I picked up from Avon as it was on offer and I mainly wanted to give it a try because of the bottle, I'm not the only one who does that right? This scent is definitely more of a summer scent but I have to say I really do like this and I feel like I will definitely be using this a lot more as the summer rolls round. So I'll start with the bottle which is a glass bottle with indents which remind me of waves, It sounds stupid but with the liquid inside it just makes the bottle look like it's moving. The glass is more of ombre effect as it goes from a turquoise shade up to a pink shade with white writing which you can see and I think just overall it's a lovely bottle. The perfume is more of a sweet scent which I don't normally go for but I honestly really love the scent and it's not like anything I have in my collection. It does start to fade towards the end of the day but it's only a small compact bottle so I just pop it in my bag so I can top up when needed.
   This is more of an old scent for most people but to me it's a more recent purchase as I picked this up a few months ago on Depop as someone was selling it and I had always wanted to try this but didn't want to pay too much if I didn't like the scent as I am quite picky when it comes to perfume but again this is one of my favourites and I always feel a little more put together when I wear this scent. So the packaging is a nice glass bottle with the Juicy Couture logo on the front and a small little J on the bottle which I think it's just enough branding for a perfume. This is only a small bottle of the perfume but I know it will last me a while as I only spray this about twice on my chest and I feel like it's enough as I know it will last all day it's such a lovely scent. I don't like to put this in my bag as I don't like to risk transporting this around in my handbag but it's a lovely size if you did want to carry it around with you. This is definitely an old scent but I know I will repurchase again and again.
   The last perfume which is in my top three is another one from Avon but it's a perfume I've been wearing since I was around fifteen, Yes I'm been serious- I've been repurchasing this perfume for five years. So this perfume is called Incandessence and I got it for a Christmas present when I was around fifteen and I just fell in love with the scent. The bottle is more of a sphere shape with tinted glass on the bottom with plastic on the top to spray the perfume out of, I have to say I'm not sure if I like the packaging but I'm more interested in the scent. So the scent is more of musky scent which is what I tend to go for but it's one of those scents which lingers on you for the full day which is what I love. This is one of my more inexpensive perfumes but it lasts so long on my skin- I love this.
Whats your top three perfumes?

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