Friday, 16 December 2016

New Favourite Palette Of The Moment

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my favourite palette of the moment which I have to say this palette has been in my collection for a while but I've recently just fallen head over heels for it.
  So this is the Urban Decay eye shadow palette which they collaborated with Gwen Stefani for this range but I decided to pick this up as I thought most of these shades suited me perfectly so I went on a little hunt through Depop and saw someone selling a brand new palette for around £25 so I thought I would pick it up and give it a try. I have to say when I first got the palette which was a few months ago I didn't really reach towards this palette on a daily basis but recently I've just been using this palette and creating such a pretty natural look for work and I have to say I can't fault this palette.
  So the main thing I recently found I loved about this palette was the amount of matte shades, I used to ADORE shimmer shades and would cover my lids in just shimmer shades but I know now I need to have a mixture of shimmer and matte but I have to say all the matte shades in this palette are the perfect shade for a lovely natural eye look for work. I have to say there is around two shimmer shades which I always go towards when I'm creating a look as I just feel they add such a lovely touch to my lids and I just love how all the shades in here can definitely get worn for some occasion. I will say I would never use the shimmer blue shade as it's just something I wouldn't go towards but there's someone out there who would love that shade. The black and grey shades are more of an essential for when your travelling so you have all your shades in one palette but I like to know those are there for the days when I feel like I want to be adventurous with my eye looks- Still to this date I will probably never be adventurous enough to use a grey or black eye shadow on my eye lid. I have to say I love how long lasting the shadows are but I also just love how appealing this palette is which is including the packaging and all the beautiful shades which I don't think I have any faults with this palette at all.
  So I thought I would do a close up of the shadows so you could see the shades a bit more easier but like I said most of the palette is matte's but I love that about this palette. I mainly use Harajuku in the crease before I apply either Zone or Pop on my eye lid which just gives it a lovely shimmer look. I then apply 1987 in the crease and blend it all together which just gives a lovely natural look. I have to say you can definitely tell this palette is loved as you can see the scratches etc on the pans of the eyeshadows but once you apply your brush to the shadow the scratches disappear. So the shadows are so pigmented which is something I love but they are also so long lasting so I know they can go a full work day on my lids without losing pigment or sliding off. I also feel like you get a lot of shadows in one palette with this palette as you get 15 shades in the palette which I think is amazing for the price especially for amazing quality eye shadows so I'd definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is wanting to treat themselves you definitely wont be disappointed by these shadows.
Do you own any Gwen Stefani products?

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