Sunday, 4 December 2016

Weekly Summary #74

(Weekly Summary 28/11- 04/12)

  Monday- I woke up around seven and I felt horrendous as my cold had gotten worse over the past few days but the only thing which was getting me through today was knowing I had some days off this week which I was looking forward to. I had some breakfast before I started getting ready for work. I decided on a big cardigan to hopefully keep me warm for the day as it's always cold at work on a Monday. Work was okay I was just getting everything up to date which I got a lot done today which was good. Once I was home I went to B&M with my mum and picked up some new cushions and fairy lights for my bedroom and some other bits and bobs. I then got back and had my tea before me and Luke headed to Tesco so I could jet wash my car and Luke needed some numbing gel as he was getting his tattoo tomorrow. Once I was home I just made a cup of tea and headed to bed to watch some YouTube videos before I went to sleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and had really bad dry mouth so decided to get up and make myself a cup of tea and a bottle of water to try make my throat any better. I got ready whilst watching some YouTube videos. Me and my mum headed to Tesco before work as I had some hair straighteners which I wanted to take back as I wanted my money back. I decided to pick up a few bits for work to last me the day which was a change. Work was lovely today and I probably spent most of the day making hot drinks for everyone but I finished at half twelve so the day flew by. My mum picked me up before we headed to do some shopping which I picked up some banners and balloons for Luke. We also headed to the bank before we did some more shopping. I came home and had a shower and tidied the bedroom before I picked Luke up. He'd been sat in the tattoo shop since half ten this morning and he got up around five which he came back with a hand tattoo which looks really nice. The rest of the evening we just relaxed in bed with a takeaway watching TV.

  Wednesday- We woke up around half eight and just cuddled in bed for a while. It was Luke's 21st birthday today so he opened his cards and we sat downstairs for a while with a cup of tea having some breakfast before we headed upstairs to start getting ready. We headed to Luke's mums so he could open his cards and presents from his mum and stuff which we ended up staying for a few hours. We headed back to mine which Luke said he didn't feel too well so I ran him a hot bubble bath before he sat in there for a while before getting in the shower so he could properly clean his arm and hand. I decided to get in the bath too before I ordered a pizza for me and Luke as he didn't want to go out for something to eat with him not feeling well. Luke actually ended up falling asleep for the rest of the night so I ate my takeaway on my own whilst watching YouTube videos before going to sleep.

  Thursday- We woke up around nine before we headed downstairs again to sit there for a while which we watched Jeremy Kyle and other daytime TV programmes and just relaxed on the sofa for most of the day which it was nice to just have a chill out day with us not been at work. Me and Luke headed back upstairs to have some cuddles before we got ready and I dropped Luke off home. I came back and cleaned my bedroom and changed my bedding before doing my Avon order. Me, my mum, dad and Aiden had a walk to Tesco as Aiden wanted to pick up a new game for his PS4 and we walked back with hot drinks. I started some blog stuff before I got a phone call from Luke asking if I would take him to the hospital as he was having really bad pains making him lose breathe so we headed down in a taxi and waited for a few hours. By nine we were waiting for the taxi home and Luke has something called pleurisy but he wasn't given any antibiotics or anything. I headed home and had my tea before heading to bed as I had a banging headache and went straight to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up at nine and headed down to make some breakfast and I had such a bad headache. My mum headed to pick up some parcels and I decided to just relax for today so I caught up on my YouTube subscriptions before I had dinner which I decided on beans and cheese on toast. I got my laptop to get the blog stuff done which I should of done last night. I decided to go get a nice hot shower before I decided to get into some more comfier clothes and I decided to watch The Best Of Me as I was in the mood to watch a romantic film. Once Luke was ready I picked him up to come up to mine for the weekend. We spent most of the evening just watching TV and spending time together which was nice and I was starting to feel a lot better.

  Saturday- We woke up around nine and just laid there cuddling for a while before I got up and made some breakfast for myself which I decided on a cup of tea and some cereal. I started getting ready with Luke before we headed out to his mum's. We walked for the bus to head into town as we were going to his step mums. We saw a German stall selling food so we decided to try them which Luke had a hot dog and I decided on a burger which they were so delicious. There was a band playing in Leeds which me and Luke saw a while ago when we were in Leeds shopping and they are called King No One which they are just such a good band so we stood and listened to them for a while before getting on the bus. We just watched TV and had a catch up with Luke's step mum, sisters and brother before we had tea which was lasagna, wedges and salad. We headed home and Luke took me into Subway so I could get a hot chocolate to walk to the other bus stop with. Once we were home we ended up having some chilli which my mum left for us before we headed to bed. We spent most of the night just watching TV before we cuddled and tried to go to sleep but before we knew it was three in the morning and we were both wide awake but we soon fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten so I decided to get up and have some breakfast before me and Luke just cuddled in bed before I decided to do my lunch for work and sort my clothes out for work. We just spent time together before I decided to make the bed and I drove Luke home. I came back and decided to have some tea and biscuits which have been my comfort since I've been full of cold which I still have it now. I cleaned my bedroom before I cleaned my make-up brushes. I decided to start running the bath but I had to stop just so I could help my mum and dad set up the new printer which we recently bought in the black Friday sale. I ran my bath and used the twilight bath bomb from Lush which it was such a lovely relaxing bath which is exactly what I needed. I dried my hair and decided I was a little hungry so I had cheesy chips which was lovely. I helped my brother with his homework before I rang Luke so we could have a little chat before I did some blog stuff and attempted to catch up on YouTube as I'm so behind with Vlogmas! I made myself a cup of tea and took it to bed to read some of my book before I headed off to sleep which I was hoping to have an early night.
How was your week?

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