Sunday, 11 December 2016

Weekly Summary #75

(Weekly Summary 05/12 - 11/12)

  Monday- I woke up at seven thinking it was around half three in the morning but boy I was wrong I was so devastated when I had to get up and start making my bed. I went and made some breakfast which I had some toast and a cup of tea which I really enjoyed. I got ready whilst catching up on YouTube as I'm still so behind with Vlogmas. Work was so hectic as I was catching up with all my work with me been off last week but in the afternoon we put the Christmas decorations up in the office and I did the tree which it turned out really nice in my opinion. There had been an accident on the way to work which made the traffic horrendous but on the way home it was so foggy you couldn't see anything. I had my tea which was pizza and chips before I headed upstairs to sort my make-up storage out which didn't take me too long. I went down and made myself a cup of tea before I caught up on some more YouTube. I decided to get a shower before I headed 

  Tuesday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before I went down to make some breakfast which I had tea and toast which I took back to my room to start getting ready. My cold is starting to heal finally so I could actually apply make-up properly today which was nice. I watched some YouTube videos before I got dressed. Work wasn't as hectic today as I had got most of my work done yesterday so I was back up to date but there is training in the office on Wednesday so I was preparing for that today which I didn't mind. The weather was horrendous today as the fog was just so thick so when we were travelling home you literally couldn't see a thing so it was quite scary on the way home. I had plans to go out but with the weather I decided against it so I had my tea before I decided to wrap the rest of my presents before I went down and made myself a cup of tea before catching up on Vlogmas. I decided to put my presents under the tree as I wasn't buying anymore or anything so I knew I was done. I headed up to bed to do my skincare before I got into bed and ordered my new diary for 2017 and then I decided to head to sleep as it was quite late.

  Wednesday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before I went for breakfast and started getting ready but I wasn't fully awake this morning so I took my time making me a little late once I was fully ready but it was fine. I got ready watching a few YouTube videos as I'm all caught up with Vlogmas at the moment! Finally... Work wasn't as hectic as I expected which was good but training went well and I collected the food around half eleven and laid it out ready for them to eat. The rest of the afternoon I was caught up with everything and was done so I just spent the afternoon plodding along with the odd little jobs before home time. Me and my dad ended up doing tea as my mum took my uncle to the hospital so I helped my dad before I got a shower. I rang Luke for about an hour whilst I did little bits before I took Leo out on his lead to get him used to the back garden. I had a cup of tea and biscuits before I headed to bed to catch up on blog stuff. I caught up on a few YouTube videos but it was getting late so I decided to try and get some sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before I made myself a cup of tea to start getting ready for work. I did my make-up whilst I caught up on YouTube videos. Work wasn't too busy today which was good as it meant I was back up to date with my work as I had fallen behind when I had a few days off at the end of November so it's nice to be back in front. We had decorated the office but we decided to do some pictures of us all in the office in Christmas glasses etc and stick them to the door to the office so I spent most of the afternoon taking pictures and getting them stuck on the door. After work I had my tea before I picked Luke up from his as he was coming to mine for the evening but he decided he wanted to stay as he's currently off work as he's really ill so I said I would try look after him. We spent the evening just catching up with each other as we haven't seen each other all week so we just watched TV until we were both tired and we fell asleep.

  Friday- I woke up at seven and headed down to make myself a cup of tea before heading back upstairs which Luke was still sleeping so I did my make-up on the floor but I was so cosy with the blanket etc so it was really nice. I decided to watch some YouTube videos  whilst I was getting ready but it didn't take me as long this morning so I was ready a lot earlier than I needed to be. I woke Luke up so he could start getting ready before I decided to ring my bank as I'm still having issues with my online banking which is so annoying but hopefully it's getting sorted. Luke decided he wanted to come with us to drop me off at work so we headed to work. I had such a good day at work today and I got everything up to date again which is always a nice way to end the week. I spent a while on reception covering which was definitely different but I enjoyed it. Luke came to pick me up from work too tonight which was a change but we got home and had tea which was omelette and salad before me and Luke headed to Tesco to pick up a few bits before I got petrol. We headed home and spent the rest of the evening in bed just cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around eight needing the loo so I headed to the loo then came back to bed and fell back asleep until ten which I just cuddled Luke until I drifted back off to sleep. We woke up and I made myself some breakfast which I had jam on toast and a cup of tea and headed back upstairs. Me and Luke just spent most of the morning in bed watching TV. Luke decided to get in the shower so I made the bed and tidied round before I took some bulk pictures for my blog as I haven't taken any for a while and then I also got a quick shower. I made me and Luke a cup of coffee before I made myself cheesy beans on toast and it was so lovely. I got ready before we headed to Luke's mums for the afternoon. We headed back home before we ate our pizza and chips before we had some of our yogurts which we got on Friday before I spent the evening watching TV until we were both tired then we just cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten to Luke cuddling me which was lovely which we just laid there for a while before I got up and made myself breakfast which I had weetabix and a cup of tea before we spent the morning listening to music on YouTube. I cleaned the bedroom before I helped Luke fill out forms for a new doctors. I then did my lunch for work and ironed my clothes before me and Luke just watched TV for a while. We head our lunch before Luke helped me clean my car as it needed a good clean inside and out so it's lovely and clean for now but it will be the same by next week I bet. We walked to the shop as Luke needed some money from the bank and I decided to pick up a coconut cake and some brownie bites by Thorntons which they are so delicious! We got back and watched Polar Express and Jingle all the way before Luke headed home. I ran myself a nice bath and used the Lush monster's ball bath bomb which was so lovely, I helped my brother do his homework before I ordered a pizza from the takeaway and ate that. I caught up on YouTube and blog stuff. I made myself a hot chocolate and warmed the rest of my pizza up and headed to bed as I wanted to do some more blog stuff in bed listening to music. Once I started to get tired I turned everything off and headed to sleep.
How was your week?

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