Sunday, 18 December 2016

Weekly Summary #76

(Weekly Summary 12/12- 18/12)

  Monday- I woke up just before seven but I was wide awake so I got up and made my bed without having a little lie in and having to drag myself out of bed. I made myself some jam on toast and a cup of tea before heading upstairs to start getting ready. I did my make-up whilst catching up on YouTube. My make-up just looked horrendous today as I had quite a few breakouts. Work was full on today and I had so much to get done but it was non stop all day and I also covered reception so when five o'clock came round I was so happy to go home. Once I was home I went to see my uncle's car as someone had crashed into him today so I was just checking he was okay before I headed home to have tea which was jacket potato and salad which was lovely. I did my lunch for work and ironed my clothes before I got a quick shower. I moved my bedroom round a little before I got my laptop to do some blog bits and print some stuff out for my new planner. I decided to go to bed with a hot chocolate and catch up on YouTube until I was tired which I then went to sleep.

  Tuesday- I woke up at seven and had to drag myself out of bed this morning which was definitely a change compared to yesterday morning but I got up and made my bed before I went down for a cup of tea and I decided on some banana Weetabix which they were actually really nice. I did my make-up whilst I was catching up on YouTube from Monday evening. Work was so hectic today that it flew by so quickly but it was supposed to be an easy day for me so I was quite surprised when it came round to five in a blink of an eye. After work I had my tea and did my lunch for work before I headed upstairs to sort my clothes for work and get changed into something a bit more comfortable. I headed to Luke’s to spend some time with him before I headed home. I decided to have a cup of tea downstairs before I headed up to bed to get myself sorted in bed. I did some blog stuff whilst I was cosy in bed and caught up on YouTube. I ordered a planned from Paperchase so I sorted that before I decided to try and get some sleep as I was so shattered.

  Wednesday- I woke up at four hearing my mum leave for work so I knew I had a few hours before I had to get up, The next time I looked it was seven so I rolled out of bed and headed down for some breakfast which was toast with jam and a cup of tea. I got ready whilst eating my breakfast and catching up on YouTube. Work wasn't too hectic today which was good but I got everything done and then I got to relax for the afternoon which was nice. Once I was home I did my lunch for work before I got changed as we were heading out for a family meal as it was my dad's birthday yesterday. We picked Luke up on the way and headed for the meal, It was lovely and I had lasagna and salad which was so delicious! Once we were home I got a quick shower before grabbing my Ipad and heading down to catch up on YouTube for a bit. I came to bed as I had some blog stuff I wanted to get done so I did that in bed before spending the rest of the night watching YouTube until I decided to get some sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at seven and this morning has been the same as every day this week I could of happily stayed in bed so I got up and decided to just have a cup of tea as I had a bit of acid this morning so I didn't want to risk eating something. I got ready watching YouTube and catching up which I was in such a content mood this morning doing my make-up whilst watching videos so it was really nice, Work wasn't too hectic today which was nice but I got a lot of work done which I was proud of myself for. After work I did my lunch for Friday and sorted my clothes out as it's Christmas jumper day tomorrow for charity so I decided on my jumper, jeans and vans. Luke was coming to mine tonight so we watched San Andreas which I've never seen fully but it's such a good film. Luke headed home around half eight so I got changed into my pj's and took my make-up off before I headed downstairs to make myself a hot chocolate which I drank whilst helping my little brother with his homework. I decided to come to bed and get cosy so I could watch some YouTube videos on my Ipad which I ended up catching up on all my YouTube subscription before I decided to try go to sleep.

  Friday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before heading down to make myself a cup of tea and started getting ready, As always I watched YouTube whilst I got ready and did my make-up. Work was such a lovely day today as everyone was in a good mood and was all feeling festive which was nice. We were all wearing Christmas jumpers as it was for charity and I had to cover reception this afternoon but it was an easy afternoon which was good. After work I came home and had a lovely shower before picking Luke up to head to Tesco as he wanted to get a few Christmas presents and I just needed a few bits for the end of the month. We headed home and spent the rest of the evening watching 22 Jump Street and just catching up with each other which was nice. We cuddled until we decided to try and get some sleep as we needed to be up early.

  Saturday- I woke up at half eight as we needed to set off early but I decided to get up and have some breakfast before I started getting ready, I woke Luke up and he also started to get ready. We got to the tattoo shop for ten so we were half an hour early but we just sat in the car listening to music. Luke was getting his hand finished so we were there for four hours which it actually flew by which was good. We headed home as I was bursting for a wee and I decided to change my coat as we were heading into town for some more Christmas presents which I asked Luke for a few things from Boots and he bought himself a coat and some jeans before we got a burger each and headed home. We went to his mums for a few hours and then headed home. We were both so shattered we ended up making some tea and toast before heading to bed and we fell asleep with the TV on and everything.

  Sunday- I woke up at ten and definitely enjoyed the sleep in this morning, I cuddled Luke for a while before we headed down and I made myself some breakfast which I ate in bed before we headed back down as I made my lunch for work tomorrow and ironed my clothes for work. Me and Luke just relaxed in bed for a bit before he decided to go home. I cleaned the bedroom and cleaned my make-up brushes before I decided to sort through my bags and throw the ones I didn't want. I had my dinner and watched a few YouTube videos before I ran myself a nice hot bath using Lush's Northern Lights bath bomb which it was so relaxing. I dried my hair and straightened it before helping my dad set his new phone up. I decided to get my blog stuff done so I could spend the rest of the evening just catching up on YouTube which was nice. I went to bed with a cup of tea and just spent the evening on my Ipad which was nice, Once I started to get tired I turned everything off and went to sleep.
How was your week?

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