Sunday, 25 December 2016

Weekly Summary #76

(Weekly Summary 19/12-25/12)

  Monday- I woke up at Seven but I honestly felt like I had slept for an hour which meant I was shattered this morning. I made my bed and decided on tea and toast before I headed upstairs to start getting ready. I had a few YouTube videos to catch up on before I was ready and out of the door. Work was honestly so quiet today as I think most people are on holiday now so I just caught up on everything before the end of the day. After work I had my tea which was Spag Bol but my mum made it a little different tonight and it was so lovely! I changed my bag and chose my outfit for tomorrow before me and my mum headed to pick Luke up as we were heading to B&M to pick the rest of the presents he needed to buy, I treated myself to a new fleece for my bed and a few other bits but my mum bought me a new hairdryer which I've wanted for absolutely ages. We dropped Luke off and headed home which I just sorted everything out and got changed into my pj's before I caught up on YouTube for the rest of the evening. In bed I decided to just have a relaxing hour or so before I decided to get into bed and try and get an early night ready for tomorrow.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half five as I had really bad cramps so I just laid looking on social media and I think I fell back asleep at half six and I had to get up for seven so I was a little tired when I had woke up but my stomach ache had eased. I got up and made toast with a cup of tea and started to get ready. I got to work and I was excited for the day as it was the Christmas meal and secret Santa today so I was excited. My boss took me into his office and I'm so grateful for the gift he gave me for Christmas I gave him a hug to say thank you and we headed to the meal. I had fish & chips with hot fudge cake with ice-cream and it was so lovely but I was so full! My secret Santa got me a bag of different kind of Lindt chocolates and I was so happy because I love those chocolates! In the raffle at work I picked up a hamper full of wine, crisps and chocolates but my most favourite thing was three candles from The White Company and they smell amazing I will have to definitely look into some more candles from there. I got home and I wrapped some presents for Luke and then got a shower. I decided to do some blog stuff before catching up on YouTube. I headed to bed and lit all the candles in my bed and just listened to music until I started to feel tired- I was so content tonight.

  Wednesday- I woke up at seven so ready to go back to bed but I got up and made my bed before deciding on cereals and a cup of tea for breakfast which I got ready snuggled in my fleece blanket watching YouTube videos. Work was empty today and literally no one has any work to do but we all just spent the day chatting and the day did actually fly by which was nice. After work I opened my parcels before I did my lunch for work and then sorted my clothes for work tomorrow. I got changed and got into my car to heat it up before heading to Luke's house. We were heading into town as he needed to take a coat back as it was a bit too big so we got on the bus and went into town which he got a nicer coat which fitted him better. I headed to Lush to treat myself to some bath bombs which I definitely have enough to last me a while. We headed to McDonald's for something to eat as everywhere we wanted to eat was closing and we got the bus back. I stayed at Luke's for a while before I headed home which there was no traffic so it was a lovely drive home. I made myself a cup of tea and sat downstairs before I headed upstairs to take my make-up off and get changed before I got into bed and just watched TV until I fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at seven and made my bed before I decided on a cup of tea as I felt like I was starting with heartburn so I didn't want to have too much. I got ready quite quickly this morning as I had no YouTube videos to catch up on so I decided to just get ready and go down and see my mum before I headed to work. My mum needed petrol so I decided to get myself a sandwich from Gregg's for my dinner which my nan also bought me a doughnut to take to work with me. Work was so dead today so we played Cards of Humanity with my boss and the girls in the office which was such a laugh, We had fish and chips for our dinner which was lovely before me and the girls played board games for the rest of the afternoon which I really enjoyed myself. After work I did my lunch for work tomorrow but I know we wont be there all day and I sorted my clothes for tomorrow and ironed them before I sorted my fairy lights and put them on my windowsill which it looks so cosy when they are on. I decided to have my tea which I had pizza before I had a nice long shower to try and ease my body as my muscles are just aching so much. I dried and straightened my hair before I was on the phone with Luke for around an hour. I changed my bag and painted my nails ready for Friday which I decided on gold with glitter. I got some blog stuff done and watched some YouTube before I lit all my candles and listened to music whilst I started a new book - Perfect way to end a perfect day!

  Friday- I woke up at half five and I just couldn't fall back asleep so I just laid in bed until it got to half six and I got up and made my bed. I decided on a cup of tea before I started getting ready. I was up to date with YouTube so whilst I was getting ready I decided to listen to some music on Spotify. I headed to work which we were only there until twelve so we had a breakfast sandwich which I had egg and beans before we played Cards Against Humanity before we headed home. I went shopping with my mum and to pay some bills before we got back. Me and my little brother cleaned my car as it was in desperate need of a good clean. Once I was back inside I cleaned my bedroom before getting into comfy clothes and taking my make-up off. I decided to sit and watch some Christmas films with my mum before Luke came round. We got a takeaway which we decided on a korma curry and rice before we headed to bed to watch some films and catch up with each other which was lovely. I really enjoyed just spending time with each other until we both started to get a little tired and went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around half nine as I heard a knock at the door which was the postman so I went down to see what it was and chatted to my mum before I made myself a cup of tea and took some tablets as my stomach cramps were so bad this morning. I spent my morning just watching YouTube whilst Luke slept the morning away. Once Luke was awake we spent the morning just watching TV before Luke helped me put my lights up on the wall which you can have a look how they turned out over on my Instagram but I love them so much and they turned out so lovely on the wall. We spent the afternoon watching YouTube together and snacking on the food I picked up on Friday before I took Luke home with his presents for his little brother and headed home with my mum. I had tea which was Spag Bol and it was lovely. Me and my little brother laid everyone's presents out which is a tradition on Christmas Eve. I ran myself a bath and used the Lush Father Christmas bath bomb which was so relaxing. I dried and straightened my hair before I did some blog stuff and then headed down to make myself a hot drink and some snacks and caught up on YouTube. I headed to bed and decided to watch The Polar Express which is a Christmas Eve tradition for me and I decided to read some of my new book before I decided to try and get some sleep.

  Sunday- Merry Christmas Everyone! I was woke up at ten to seven by my little brother turning my bedroom light on so I got my fluffy robe on and headed downstairs to watch everyone open their presents. I made myself some toast and a cup of tea before I caught up on social media and watched TV with my mum and dad as my little brother had gone back to sleep. My mum made us all bacon and egg sandwiches before I took all my things upstairs. I made my bed and got changed before I grabbed my laptop and Ipad and headed back down. I caught up on everything with it still been early which was nice to get it all done early. My nan came up so she opened her presents before we had dinner. I spent the afternoon just eating all the chocolates and watching films before I picked Luke up from his house. We opened our presents in front of each other before we sat downstairs with everyone for a while before we headed back upstairs to spend the evening in bed watching TV which was lovely to spend the end of Christmas with Luke, Once we both got tired we decided to try get some sleep.
How was your week?

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