Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions

Hello Everyone,
  So today I’m going to be doing a post I never thought I would actually be typing up as when a New Year rolls in I don’t do “Resolutions” as I’ve never stuck to them but this year I decided to do it and see how long it lasts.
  So I decided to do more realistic resolutions this year round so I could actually give them a go and hopefully stick to them, I did my ‘January Goals’ post at the end of December but I do my goals on a monthly basis and these resolutions are for the full year so I thought I’d get a post whipped up ready (A little later than expected but it’s still here!) So let’s get into them –

Saving – So I said that this year I wanted to get stuck into saving ready for my house deposit as for the last years I haven’t really done it and I’m kicking myself now so this year I want to put £100 minimum into my savings account, Any extra is a bonus.
  Blogging – My blog is my little space where I write about things I’m loving, Things I’ve read or just in general have a little chat to look back on and in 2016 I really kept up with blog and I just hope this year I can stick to it and carry on.
  Read – So this year I’m wanting to get back into reading which one of my favourite hobbies was when I was younger so I’ve decided to try get myself to read a book a month.
  Workout More – I said this year I wanted to work out more just to tone up as if anything I need to actually gain weight but I found some good apps which will hopefully help me get into a little exercise routine.
  Drink More Water – This year I need to get back to drinking more water so again I found a good app which I’m hoping will help me get back into the routine of drinking water instead of tea or coffee.
Hairdressing Course – One of the resolutions I really hope I carry on with is the hairdressing course which I have booked myself on as I’m really wanting to go through with this as I’ve said it since I was in school but I hope by the end of the year I will be nearly qualified.

  In my opinion these are probably very do-able to stick to throughout the year so I’m really hoping this will be my first year where I don’t give up within a few months but I will stick to my monthly goals too which are more specific for that month so I’m definitely wanting to keep motivated this year- Bring it on!
What are your resolutions for 2017?


  1. These are some wonderful goals! Drinking water is so important :) I hope you'll achieve them all & that 2017 will treat you well :)

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. Thank you so much! I really hope I can stick to drinking water:) and thankyou so much I hope you have a lovely 2017! :) Meg xo