Monday, 30 January 2017

Another Year Another Filling...

Hello Everyone!
  So of course it’s Monday and I’m here to do a little chat or ramble about current events which I always love doing these posts as I love to have a little chat on my blog.
  So I’ve always had issues with my teeth ever since I was little as around 3 I had to have silver caps put onto certain teeth which they ended up being on my teeth until I was around 12 and then they just came out with my teeth (Strange process and I’m still not sure what they actually were for!) but I’ve always hated the dentist too meaning I leave it until the last minute and always need some kind of work doing on my teeth so I had a dentist appointment last week which resulted in me needing two fillings which of course I pay for since I work full time so it’s not something I need at the beginning of the year but never mind I will end up getting them done. One of the fillings is in February and one is in March so I’ll probably be stressing up until they are both over but never mind. I actually don’t mind the dentist I just hate the needle part of it which I will admit it as I’m not ashamed but I have to actually take my mum with me to get the injection part as it’s just something I’ve always been scared of and my mum just kind of puts me at ease until it’s done then I’m fine actually getting the filling done – So stupid! But I know the main reason I need fillings is the amount of sugar I have daily as I’m such a sweet tooth so I can’t help it but I’ve cut sugar out slowly so I’m having no sugar in my hot drinks and attempting of cutting down the amount of chocolate I eat and the sweet snacks I have at my desk. I’m finding that quite hard as I’m at my desk from 9-5 so I do eat quite a lot of snacks to keep me motivated for the day but I know it’s not good for me so if you have any suggestions for what I could snack on please let me know as I’m really struggling! I did pick up a few of the Nakd’s bars and nibbles as I quite like those but I found out they have more sugar than a wagon wheel so kind of struggling to stick to healthier options when I find stuff like that out.

  So any suggestions for snacks or what I could try to help cut sugar out then I’d really appreciate it and I know in time it will get easier but when you have a sweet tooth you really can’t help but crave chocolate, sweets and sugar. As for now I’m enjoying hot chocolates to still get my chocolate fix, One snack to give me that little release of sweetness throughout the day but I’m also trying to get into eating fruit but I’ve never really enjoyed it but I’m starting to enjoy oranges and grapes which is nice.
Any suggestions to cut down sugar?
Have a lovely week!

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