Monday, 23 January 2017

Anxiety At It's Finest!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here for my little ramble which it’s going to feel nice to actually sit and type this post up let’s just say I need someone to chat to.
  So first off I’m literally loving my blog again! Which makes me so happy to actually be back into the swing of blogging, scheduling posts and tweets – I’m back on my game! Finally… Last week was such a strange week for me I had emotions running wild and couldn’t control myself, possibly could be the time of the month coming up but I just didn’t feel myself.

  Anxiety has always been a big thing for me as I’ve watched my Nan and Mum go through stages of horrendous anxiety throughout the years and whilst I can sit here talking about mine I know someone out there has it a lot worse than me and if anything I applaud anyone who tries their hardest to stand up to anxiety and try get on with their life’s. So as I said anxiety has always been a big thing for me as I’ve always suffered with it but just never knew what it actually was or how to control it. In the past year I would say my anxiety got to the point where I would have episodes on a daily basis where I would feel uneasy or anxious about something but it became normal to me after a while as I tried to just ignore it- Of course that never worked. Last year I suffered from quite a few panic attacks which I hadn’t had for around three years so that was another part of last year which I just never though would happen but I guess I learnt from it. I have never really spoken about my anxiety to anyone as I just don’t know where to go or who to go to – Silly I know. Last week was just such a bad week for me, I was overworked, tired, stressed and if anything just drained. A few nights after work I sat and had a cry because that’s the only thing which helped me through the week.

  I’m a quiet person who’s quite reserved as I like to keep myself to myself which is something I really want to change but it also doesn’t help when I’m feeling anxious because no one knows how I’m actually feeling. Last week I just felt very rubbish about myself mentally and physically so it was a rough time for me, My anxiety just comes and goes without any warning so some weeks I’ll feel great and motivated and other weeks I just want to sit and cry as I don’t feel like I’m doing good enough – Kind of sucks. I’m trying my hardest to kind of come to terms with it and try help myself so if anyone has any kind of suggestions please put them in the comments I really need some help as I don’t think my anxiety has ever been as bad as it is now and I want to start helping myself in the right ways. If anyone knows of any blogs which are also helpful please do let me know. I’m going to stop rambling as it’s a new week so I want to start it off properly with a fresh start.
Have a lovely week!

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