Friday, 6 January 2017

Avon Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would share with you what I decided to pick up from Avon this time round as I feel like I've picked up a few products which will soon become my favourites.
  I have been doing Avon now for a few months which I've loved but I've decided I want to move onto something else as I've had a few issues throughout those months and felt like I had no one to turn to for guidance so I've decided to leave on a good note so I decided to treat myself to some goodies with it been my last Avon order but now I know you can order online that may change.
So the first product I picked up this month was the new perfume called Perceive as I wanted to start building my perfume collection up this year and I feel as though I’ve found some perfumes which will become my staples but I decided to try this one as the 50ml bottle was only £10 which is such good value but it smells incredible and it lasts all day so I don’t need to re-apply unless I want it to be a bit more stronger but for the price it’s such good value I’d definitely recommend this perfume.

  I then decided to pick up the brand new mascara which was in this issue which is the Supreme Length Mascara, the main reason I picked this up was simply because of the packaging-As its such sleek and stunning packaging. The black compliments the rose gold perfectly and I just think it’s stunning. I also picked this up for the simple fact it was advertised explaining the formula included coconut which I was baffled by so I wanted to pick it up. I’ve used it a few times now and I have to say the formula is a lot wetter than I expected but once applied on my lashes it just adds so much length to my lashes and I have to say I’ve definitely seen an improvement with my lashes after using this, I’m not sure if I mentioned but I got this in black like all of my mascara’s as I just prefer black.

  I wanted to try out a new foundation as I’m wanting a cheaper alternative for my Estee Lauder Double Wear so I thought I would give this a go. I picked up the Anew Age-Transforming foundation in Ivory which I didn’t pick up for the age transforming factor but I just thought the formula might make the foundation more dewy and make me look more awake so I thought I would give it a go, I’ve tried it once and it applied really well and did stay on the skin most of the day but I did need to apply powder in the afternoon for the shine. I did break out after wearing this foundation but that normally happens with most foundations so I will probably give this a few more tries.

  Lipsticks are something I will always pick up even though I have far too many in my collection, I saw the Anew lipstick in Glazed Almond and I knew I needed this, The packaging is again so stunning as the gold and glass just looks stunning which makes taking photographs of it so easy but the formula of the lipstick is also amazing as it just glides on your lips and the colour is a lovely brown shade with gold running throughout it which makes it look amazing on the lips. I will say it’s a lot shinier than I’m used to as I stick to matte lipsticks most of the time but I really like this.

  Lastly I decided to pick up some of my favourite lipsticks as I know I won’t be ordering from Avon for a while now so I decided to pick up the Avon lipsticks in the shades Par Amor and Berry Love which these are in the teenage section but I’ve always liked the formula. Shades and packaging of these lipsticks so I will always get these when I can. The first shade Par Amor is a very deep red but when applied it’s a more plum shade for me as I am quite pale so it’s definitely one of those bold shades but it’s perfect for this time of year. The next shade is Berry Love which is more of deep pink shade which is something I would never normally pick up but this shade is perfect and I really like this shade on me. As for packaging it’s such a cute and fun print with it been hearts but they just stand out on the white packaging so again taking pictures of these are so easy. I also love how Avon go into such detail with the packaging as on the bullet it’s imprinted with hearts and it just looks so stunning, These are the more inexpensive lipsticks at Avon but such good value.

Do you order from Avon?

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